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VWO integrates with Microsoft Clarity: Analyze visitor behavior on campaign pages in Clarity

Arjun Kunnath Arjun Kunnath 3 Min Read

We’re delighted to announce our native integration with Microsoft Clarity. If you are a Microsoft Clarity user, with this integration, you can effortlessly send your VWO campaign data to Microsoft Clarity, unlocking insights into visitor behaviors on your campaign pages.

For those who might be unfamiliar, Microsoft Clarity is a behavioral analytics platform. It lets you decode visitor interactions on your website, with features ranging from session recordings, heatmaps, and click and scroll tracking.

Session recording of VWO campaign visitors in Microsoft Clarity

A real-world example showcasing the power of the VWO and Microsoft Clarity integration

Imagine this scenario: An eCommerce manager hypothesized that modifying the hero copy and the image would amplify ‘Shop Products’ conversions on his homepage. Acting on this idea, an A/B test was initiated using VWO Web Testing with a variation showcasing the newly proposed change. The results were promising – the variation was declared victorious by VWO.

Yet, the question lingered: which modification resulted in this conversion uptick? The manager can delve deeper thanks to the integration of VWO and Microsoft Clarity. By filtering the session recordings on Microsoft Clarity (as shown in the video below) using the VWO campaign tag, the manager can watch the recording of the users who visited the variation page. With this, he unearthed that the copy change had been a pivotal influence that resulted in a surge of clicks on the ‘Shop Products’ button. This integration, thus, didn’t just highlight the “what” of the test results but brilliantly illuminated the “why.”

Example use case of VWO<>Microsoft Clarity Integration

And imagine, the insights could have been even more profound with VWO Web Insights as it seamlessly integrates with VWO Testing. VWO lets you filter actual recordings of visitors who saw the control and compare these with the ones who saw the variation to spot changes in the behavior. Additionally, VWO Insights gives you a 360-degree view of your visitor behavior on your website with heatmaps, session recordings, form analytics, and surveys.

Integrating VWO with Microsoft Clarity

Discover how you can effortlessly integrate VWO with Microsoft Clarity. The video below walks you through this integration process step-by-step.

Enabling MS Clarity integration in VWO

Excited and want to know more?

Our new Microsoft Clarity integration is available for all plans of VWO Testing, VWO Personalize, and VWO Web Rollouts. Please check out our knowledge base article to learn more and set it up in your VWO account. For any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to support@vwo.com.

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