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After Website and Server-side, now run Mutually Exclusive Campaigns on your Mobile Apps

Aman Rayjada Aman Rayjada 3 Min Read

The ability to run mutually exclusive campaigns on all your channels is a vital capability and an important use case for any business. VWO has always supported mutually exclusive campaigns in web and server-side optimization. With this update, we are bringing mutually exclusive campaigns to mobile apps too. 

Now, you can ensure that a mobile app user who is part of one campaign does not become part of another campaign. You can do this by grouping multiple campaigns into a mutually exclusive group. The feature gives you the flexibility to group campaigns that are set up on the same mobile app screen and targeted to the same set of visitors. 

Creating a mutually exclusive group primarily ensures that you build a consistent experience for all users on your mobile apps. Also, it ensures that the data collected for one campaign is not affected by the other so that the integrity of the campaign reporting is maintained. In other words, it helps keep the reports clean, attribute the change in conversion rate to the correct campaign, and remove bias by avoiding overlapping visitors across campaigns. 

Running multiple mobile app A/B testing campaigns 

A/B Testing mobile app experiences helps you optimize your in-app engagements, learn what works for different audience groups, observe the impact of a new feature, gain a better understanding of user behavior, and improve overall key performance indicators (KPIs) with data-driven conclusions. 

Running multiple A/B tests on your mobile app, with the confidence that there will be no interference between them, accelerates your velocity of experimentation. It is one of the best things you can do to increase the ROI of your experimentation program while providing more value to your clients than ever before. 

Let’s say that you want to suggest similar items to what users have already viewed in your e-commerce app, starting with winter-specific products. So you create a mobile app A/B testing campaign targeting a specific Chicago user set.

Frame 2 4
Visual representation of a Mobile App A/B Testing campaign for visitors from Chicago 

However, after some time, you also want to test a different UI for the same feature and call your users’ attention to it with a prominent CTA button. So you create another A/B testing campaign for all your users.

Frame 1
Another campaign testing a UI variant of the same feature for all your users

To ensure that users from Chicago, who are a subset of all your users, do not view both campaigns and have a consistent experience, you can add both the above campaigns to a mutually exclusive group.

Creating mutually exclusive groups of mobile app campaigns 

So, here is how your mutually exclusive groups will appear in the Campaign view: 

Mutually Exclusive Groups Overview Interface
Mutually Exclusive Groups Overview Interface

Similarly, you can create mutually exclusive groups for your web and server-side campaigns.

Excited and want to know more?

Mutually Exclusive Groups are now live in the following mobile SDKs:

All users of the Enterprise plan of VWO Testing for Web, Mobile, and Server-Side Experimentation, VWO Personalize, and VWO Web Rollouts can explore it for their optimization use cases. Please refer to the knowledge base article to learn more about it and follow a step-by-step guide to enable it in VWO.

For any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to support@vwo.com.

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