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Understand key moments in mobile app user journeys with custom events filter

Piyush Sharma Piyush Sharma 5 Min Read

The user takes countless actions while using your mobile app, and to ensure you can understand each one of them quickly, we are excited to launch Custom Events Filter in VWO Insights – Mobile App.

VWO Insights – Mobile App already equips you with a robust collection of pre-set session recording filters, allowing you to watch user sessions by standard events—like the moments leading up to a crash, a freeze, or visits to specific screens.

The new update allows you to extend the capabilities of standard events and deep dive into user behavior preceding any significant conversion step. Whether it’s a customer placing an item in their shopping cart, finishing a tutorial, registering an account, or navigating through the initial app setup, the scenarios are boundless.

Send any user’s action to VWO as a custom event. Use it as a filter to see relevant session recordings to analyze and understand user behavior, struggle, or drop-off. 

How to filter using custom events in VWO

Let’s explore how this latest update can be a game-changer for you by examining a few popular use cases.

Identify opportunities to make your features sticky

Imagine you have a shopping app with a catalog of thousands of products. 

To streamline product discovery, you introduce a new search filter feature to help users discover products faster. But the crucial part is knowing how users react to this new feature—how do they use it or ignore it – to judge if it helps solve the problem in the first place.

To analyze this feature’s user interaction behavior, all you need to do is create a custom event for these “search filter clicks” within VWO. 

This will allow you to watch recordings where users clicked the search filter so that you can gather insights around feature adoption and further UX improvements.

Filter Scroll 1
Session recording of the user clicking on the search filter

Suppose you discover that the price filter option, although important, is not prominently placed. Users have to scroll to find it, leading to underutilization. Such insights could prompt a strategic redesign, perhaps elevating the filter to a more accessible position in the app’s interface.

Demystify purchase journeys

Take the path a user follows in your shopping app: they explore, pick selections, and place items in their carts. Yet, there are moments when they exit without buying or show specific behavior during the purchase journey. The Custom Events Filter lets you zero in on these moments. 

Rage Tap 1
Session recording of a struggle before purchase

For example, you may want to filter sessions by users who at least added a product to the cart. Add this “Add to Cart” action as a custom event in VWO, and you are good to go (Learn how to filter custom events in VWO). With this newly created event filter, you can uncover insights about the purchase behavior of users who show interest in atleast one of the products.

Using custom events, you can filter and analyze users’ session recordings to get the clues required to optimize the journey from cart to purchase and turn near-misses into sales.

Optimize onboarding to retain users

Every product manager knows that a smooth onboarding process is crucial—it’s the first real interaction users have with your app, and it sets the stage for retention or churn. But what if you could pinpoint exactly where users disengage during onboarding?

Consider an app filled with mini-games where the onboarding includes a 3-step process designed to tailor the user’s experience. You ask questions to ensure they find games that will catch their interest.

With VWO, you can mark each onboarding step as a custom event, which lets you analyze where users drop off during the onboarding journey. For example, while reviewing the session recordings, you notice a pattern: many users drop out when prompted for their date of birth. They participate willingly until personal information is requested.

Mobile App Insights Custom Filters 1
User dropping off during onboarding of a mobile game

By removing this step, you can test whether it positively affects the completion rate of your onboarding process, decreasing user drop-off and boosting engagement.


Custom Event Filters in VWO Insights for Mobile Apps are your shortcut to insight, slicing through hundreds of sessions to highlight the moments that matter most. Set your filters, and let the most relevant user experiences come to you.

This feature is already live for our free trial and enterprise-paid plan users. If it still needs to be activated in your account, just drop a line to support@vwo.com, and we’ll enable it for you in no time. Read our help article to get started with setup.

If you are new to the VWO family, we invite you to experience the power of VWO Insights for Mobile App with our 30-day fully featured free trial and try this feature.

Here’s to less time searching and more time discovering. Cheers to your continued growth with VWO!

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