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Now capture visitor behavior in Shadow DOM web elements 

Aman Rayjada Aman Rayjada 2 Min Read

At VWO, we take each day as an opportunity to innovate and evolve our products so users can get the best technology for their optimization programs. A key facet of this is empowering VWO users to optimize every element of their website. One such collection of elements that is difficult to optimize by any third-party platform is the Shadow DOM. 

With this update, we have made VWO fully compatible with Shadow DOM so that you can modify, test, and track events on even Shadow DOM elements on your website.

Before we dive into the update, let’s understand more about Shadow DOM first.

What is Shadow DOM?

Consider the Shadow DOM a container that can enclose any element on your website. Once inside, the elements are isolated from any changes happening to the rest of your website. It allows you to create self-contained components on your website that can be used across different pages. You can read more about Shadow DOM here.

Some commonly created elements in Shadow DOM are content forms, pop-ups, social widgets, etc. 

What’s new and how does it help you?

Now, with Shadow DOM support in VWO Insights, you can track the behavioral insights of your visitors to get a meaningful understanding of their journey.

You can leverage goals, funnels, heatmaps, session recordings, click maps, etc. to capture visitor interaction with Shadow DOM elements and identify optimization opportunities to test new ideas. 

Tracking behavioral insights on Shadow DOM elements

This update is now live for all VWO Insights users and has made VWO fully compatible with Shadow DOM, meaning you can now understand your customers better and build an excellent online experience to delight them.

Shadow DOM is already supported in VWO Testing, VWO Web Rollouts, and VWO Personalize. To know more about it, read our product update on how you can run experiments on Shadow DOM elements of your website.

For any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to support@vwo.com.

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