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Search and Filter Frequently Used Goals of your Test

Anshul Gurbaxani Anshul Gurbaxani 2 Min Read

Goals help you track different visitor activities on your website based on which you can decide which variation of your test is better. When you add a goal to any test, we also save that goal and make it easy for you to reuse it in other tests you create. By doing this, you do not have to create the goal again and it is especially helpful for custom conversion goals that require you to embed a script on your webpage.

The Frequently used goals section on the goal step of test creation lists all the goals that you have created and used in the past. If your account has say 10 or 15 goals, they are manageable in a list form. But when this number increases, it becomes cumbersome to find a goal created in the past. To improve this experience, we have added a way to search and filter the list of frequently used goals.

Search enables you to filter the list of goals by keywords in goal names and filters enable you to filter the goals by goal type.

Screenshot 2021 03 25 At 10 46 11 Pm

If you have any queries about this update or you want to share feedback, reach out to us at support@vwo.com

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