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Send VWO FullStack Data to other Services and Data-destinations

Puneet Kaura Puneet Kaura 2 Min Read

Customer problem: Though VWO FullStack has advanced reporting capabilities, often customers want to send the following data items from FullStack campaigns other services and systems :

  • What test was a user part of and what variation did the user experience.
  • Details of the conversion tracked.

Common data destinations are analytics tools – Mixpanel, Segment; BI tools like Tableau or Data warehouses like AWS Redshift etc. To accomplish the above mentioned, customers have to use workarounds and write a lot of custom code.

Our solution: Going forward VWO FullStack SDK’s will provide a mechanism in form of callback functions (Incase of NodeJS SDK) and class methods(In case of Python, Ruby, etc) respectively to provide developers all the data captured by our SDK’s. This data can be sent to customer’s own data destinations along with populating reports in the VWO FullStack dashboard. 

The data object which is made available by our SDK’s is exhaustive and contains all information pieces captured by our SDK’s :

Screenshot 2021 03 01 At 3 11 21 Pm
Eg is taken from the VWO NodeJS SDK (Releasing soon)

The following SDK’s have support for the above mentioned data-export functionality:

Documentation for data export can be found here: https://developers.vwo.com/reference#fullstack-integrations

Code snippet for NodeJS SDK:

Screenshot 2021 03 12 At 11 13 26 Am

Common destinations for VWO FullStack A/B testing data:

  • Analytics tools like – Google Analytics, Mixpanel, Amplitude.
  • Data warehouses like – Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery, Snowflake.
  • CDP systems like Segment.com, mParticle.

With the ability to send VWO data to other systems, it is easier than ever to leverage the benefits of experimentation across the breadth of tools used by your team. We can’t wait to see what you build with it.

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