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Run complex VWO FullStack Feature tests effortlessly with JSON variables

Puneet Kaura Puneet Kaura 2 Min Read

Customers use the VWO suite of products in 100+ countries. VWO customers having a presence in multiple geographies often run CRO campaigns that are localized in nature, e.g., CTA text for a button might say “Please login” for website visitors from the UK and “Veuillez vous connecter” for the visitors coming from France.

Problem context:  Every time a CRO team wants to run a test where a single variation (Control or any other variation) has multiple forms ( different languages or personalized info) the implementation team has to develop a cumbersome solution.

The above mentioned “cumbersome” solution was the only way as only available data types of variables in a Feature test could only be of the following data types: String, Integer, Float and Boolean.

Solution:  With a new datatype “JSON” now it becomes effortless to implement FullStack Feature test and Feature rollout campaigns respectively where each campaign variation has multiple values.

E.g., A website operating in the UK and France are testing their homepage CTA – 

  • For the UK visitors, Control CTA is “Get Started”, and the variation CTA is “Try now”
  • For the France visitors, Control CTA is “Commencer”, and the variation CTA is “Essayez maintenant”

With JSON variables in the mix, the above campaign is modelled with a single JSON variable holding values for both English and French languages.

Feature name: Homepage_CTA_Text

Variable name: CTAText 

Value – JSON – {

“en” : “Get Started”,

“fr” : “Commencer”


Please find the screenshots for creating a JSON variable and configuring a JSON variable below respectively

Creating a JSON variable

Screenshot 2021 07 30 At 2 52 35 Pm

Configuring a JSON (Control and Variation ) variable values

Screenshot 2021 07 30 At 2 56 13 Pm

Now developers can check the language (en or fr) of the incoming request and use the localized version of the variable.

With JSON variables, developers implementing VWO FullStack campaigns get two advantages –

  1. Less code to implement complex campaigns.
  2. The variable values can now be set in the VWO app console and are not required to be present in the code.

Release information:

JSON variables are generally available in all VWO FullStack accounts.

JSON variable in VWO FullStack is available in the following SDK’s:

JSON variables in Ruby, .NET and Go SDK’s will be released soon.

With JSON variables no use-case is complex enough not to easily implement with VWO FullStack, happy experimentation.

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