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Introducing Insights Dashboard – Actionable qualitative insights at your fingertips

Arjun Kunnath Arjun Kunnath 4 Min Read

In today’s digital ecosystem, a superior visitor experience on your website isn’t just expected; it’s demanded. Traditional analytics platforms excel in quantifying user actions—capturing the ‘what’—but fail to unravel the ‘why’ behind these behaviors. This is where VWO Insights bridges the gap, empowering you with session recordings, heatmaps, and more to dive deeper into user interactions.

However, the challenge persists: navigating through the vast seas of data to uncover actionable insights remains an overwhelming task.

This is where our latest innovation, the “Insights Dashboard” within VWO Insights – Web, comes into play.

Overview of the Insights Dashboard

How can our Insights dashboard empower you

The dashboard elevates your user experience strategy, guiding you to extract deep, actionable insights and observations from a large array of user behavior data. How? With neatly organized widgets, the dashboard proactively surfaces visitor experience across various pages and segments with quick links to take action. Let’s see what the dashboard entails.

1. Experience overview and friction trend: ‘Rage clicks’ and ‘dead clicks’ reveal much about a website’s UX—frustration and confusion, respectively. These metrics feed into a ‘friction score,’ representing user struggle. Conversely, the ‘experience score’ mirrors user satisfaction—a higher score equals a smoother journey.

Leveraging the Experience Score, you can:

  • Spot UX issues: Low scores highlight problem areas needing immediate attention.
  • Gauge impact of new updates on website: Monitor score changes to assess the impact of site modifications.
  • Make data-driven optimization decisions: Use scores to prioritize UX improvements for maximum ROI.

You can also glimpse real-time experience trends to pinpoint exact moments of friction and connect them to recent web changes. Was it that recent page update? With the trend chart, the answer is always a glance away.

Website visitor experience trends over a given time frame

2. Locate and solve page-level issues: Instantly identify pages with lower experience scores. Validate with associated heatmaps and session recordings, or delve into comprehensive page-level analyses such as sessions with the lowest experience score, errors on the page, top elements attracting dead and rage clicks, etc.

Page level experience analysis

3. Analyze dissatisfied user segments: VWO proactively identifies segments that have poor experience scores so you can verify the reason with relevant recordings and heatmaps.

Segment level experience analysis

4. Form & Survey overview: At a glance, view the performance of your website forms and a concise summary of ongoing surveys.

Surveys and forms overview

Here are some scenarios where the Insights dashboard enhances your optimization initiatives

  • Comparing experiences after page optimization: After optimizing several landing pages, a UX manager wants to ensure that these optimizations haven’t negatively impacted the visitor experience. Using the Insights dashboard, they can monitor experience scores post-optimization and juxtapose them with prior scores to ensure that visitor experience aligns with best UX practices. And all this without having to sift through hundreds of session recordings.
  • Boosting product sales through experience enhancement: E-commerce managers are observing declining sales in specific product categories. Using the Insights dashboard, they can assess the experience scores of those particular product pages. By analyzing the experiences of individual pages, they can make informed decisions about layout changes, product placements, or potential promotions.
  • Quarterly holistic review for website improvement: An analytics manager is preparing a quarterly report on website performance. Instead of focusing on traffic metrics, they integrate user experience insights from the Insights dashboard. By including pages with the highest and lowest experience scores, they offer stakeholders a comprehensive understanding of the website’s health and potential focus areas for the upcoming quarter.

Our product teams are relentlessly enhancing the Insights dashboard, fine-tuning the experience score metrics, and pioneering actionable insights. Stay tuned for exciting updates.

Excited and want to know more?

The future of visitor experience analysis is here. The Insights dashboard awaits users of Pro and Enterprise plans of VWO Insights – Web. We are rolling out the Insights dashboard to new accounts this week in a phased manner, followed by existing customers.
Please refer to this knowledgebase article to learn how to use the Insights dashboard. Need assistance or have inquiries? Don’t hesitate to contact us at support@vwo.com. Our dedicated support squad is on standby to assist you.

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