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Improve Engagement with Visitors by Adding Videos on your Website with VWO

Sathyajith Vijayakumar Sathyajith Vijayakumar 2 Min Read

Videos on a website catch the visitors’ attention and help improve engagement. They also communicate information in a concise manner, which may otherwise require long blocks of text that your visitors may not go through completely.

VWO’s video embed widgets help you add YouTube or Vimeo videos on any page in a matter of a few clicks. In a Testing or Rollouts campaign in VWO, click and select where the video should embed on the page using the Editor.

Video embed
This screenshot shows how a video is added to the page. Here, the introduction video of one of our new products is being displayed above the existing content.

Once you insert the video embed widget, add the video’s URL, adjust its size relative to the width of the page, and Voilà! The video is now added to the page. You can even move it around to adjust its position and fix it. No messing around with delicate embed codes. No fumbling through the inners of your website to insert it in the right place. All it takes is a few clicks as you fine-tune it visually.

Video on page
This screenshot shows how the video shows up on our homepage

Additionally, you can configure the video to

  • Start playing automatically when the page loads. (Heads up: if a video plays this way, it does not count towards views on Youtube/Vimeo).
  • Hide the video controls. This includes the playback, volume controls, and the seek bar.
  • Loop it continuously once it starts playing.
  • Mute the audio by default.
  • Make the video non-interactive to prevent the context menu from showing or toggling playback.

These options should help you adjust the video’s behavior to best suit the website for a pleasant experience for your visitors.

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