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Uncover insights about specific visitors with form analytics & survey filters

Piyush Sharma Piyush Sharma 4 Min Read

We are thrilled to announce an exciting update in VWO Insights for Web, which is all about making your decisions smarter.

Let’s say you are facing high form abandonment rates just before your big sale. And you want to know why? With VWO’s new advanced filtering, you’re not just identifying problems—you’re zoning in on exactly who’s affected. 

Say your address field is causing drop-offs; our filters let you drill down and discover that primarily mobile device users using the Firefox browser are struggling the most. Just a few clicks, and you would pinpoint the issue.

And it’s not just forms. Let’s talk surveys. Ever overlooked a feature request in survey responses because it seemed insignificant? Think again. 

Geo-filtering may show that this ‘small’ request is a big deal in a specific country. Now you can prioritize features that matter, where they matter.

Bottom line? Whether it’s form analytics or surveys, uncover actionable insights for specific visitor cohorts, all in just a few clicks. Let’s dive deeper.

Discover unlimited filtering capabilities

Advanced filtering allows you to segment your form field analytics and survey responses based on a variety of pre-defined user attributes:

Using standard filters in VWO
  • Source of traffic: Segment users based on whether they arrive from email campaigns, organic searches, social platforms, referrals, or UTM codes. This is key for assessing the performance of individual campaigns and channels.
  • Device & OS: In a multi-device world, get a granular look at how users behave across mobile, tablet, and desktop when engaging with your forms or surveys. Tailor your UX strategy for each device type accordingly.
  • Visitor type: Want to know what fresh visitors think versus your regulars? Curious about how to nudge newbies into completing your lead forms? Use our visitor-type filter to separate the newcomers from the returnees in your analytics.
  • Location and language: Compare how users in India respond to your surveys against those in the UK. Interested in how German speakers interact with your forms? Dive into locale and language data to fine-tune your approach.

Elevate your analysis with custom attributes

Sure, VWO’s pre-set filters deliver a treasure trove of insights. But what if you could go even deeper? With custom attributes, you can. Tailor your analysis to your website’s unique needs by crafting your own filters. Here’s a handy guide to setting up custom attributes in VWO.

Using custom filters in VWO

Check out these examples:

Improve checkout form experience for new customers – Compare the interactions of users who’ve purchased before with those who have yet to purchase any products on your e-commerce website. It could help you gather insights for tweaking and personalizing the checkout form for new users. Just add a custom attribute, “existing customer,” in filters, and you are good to do the analysis.

Gather insights about why users don’t complete courses – Check out the difference in survey responses of visitors who have completed your online course and those who did not. This could suggest ways to improve the experience so that more people complete your courses. Add a custom user attribute, “completed course,” in filters to enable this. 

How different demographics respond to your surveys – By using filters, you can gain insights into the feedback received from various age groups who use your website. For instance, if you wish to compare the survey responses of GenZ and millennials who use your website, you can add “Age” as a custom attribute and filter the data accordingly. 

Save, Reuse, Repeat

Save segments and reuse in VWO

Time is of the essence. That’s why we’ve added the option to save your custom filter setups, just like in our other products. Configure your filters once, and done! Access your personalized insights anytime with just one click.

In conclusion

Whether crafting marketing strategies or refining user experiences, VWO’s Advanced Filtering ensures you have the data you need the way you need it.

If you’re already a VWO customer eager to explore this feature, request support@vwo.com or connect with your CSM to enable it. Note that it is available on Data360 accounts and across all paid plans with various filtering abilities.

For those new to the VWO family, we invite you to experience the power of VWO Insights for Web with our 30-day fully featured free trial and try this feature.

Here’s to insights that drive action. Happy analyzing!

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