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Data Export in VWO FullStack and VWO Mobile App Testing

Puneet Kaura Puneet Kaura 2 Min Read

In a previous update, we discussed exporting the VWO Testing campaign’s data to any data warehouse. We have released the same functionality to our FullStack and Mobile App Testing campaigns.

This will allow you to:

  1. Export VWO Fullstack and Mobile App testing campaign data on a daily basis
  2. Use platforms like BigQuery, Amazon Redshift, and Metabase to  understand your visitor’s experimentation journey while comparing it along with other business metrics already part of your BI systems

The above functionality is only available in Enterprise plan accounts of VWO FullStack and Mobile App Testing.

To find out how you can configure and set up these integrations, please refer to Google Cloud Storage documentation & Amazon S3 documentation.

Typical use cases of exporting experimentation data from VWO are as follows  :

  • For wholesome BI analysis – Drilling down on experimentation data for various customer segments, for eg: incase of an e-commerce company would analyze how high value customers respond to an experiment vs discount-seeking customers.
  • For augmenting customer/user profiles – Often companies augment customer profiles in CDP, DMP based on the response of customers/users to an experiment. This way experimentation data can be made actionable within other down-stream tools.

Please mail us at support@vwo.com for more information/doubts regarding the above.

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