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Configure Event Batching in VWO FullStack to Improve Performance

Aman Garg Aman Garg 2 Min Read

VWO FullStack is an Experimentation and Feature Flagging platform for mobile apps and backend services. You can test and rollout/rollback features using VWO FullStack. All of this functionality is available with zero performance impact via easy-to-use SDKs. It allows you to test the algorithms, recommendation engines, subscription flows, etc. 

How Event Batching Improves SDK Performance?

Different APIs need to be triggered to track the visitors and goals in VWO FullStack. Every time the API is triggered, an event is sent to the VWO server for it to be tracked and shown in the reporting. So, let’s say if thousands of visitors and the corresponding conversions need to be tracked daily, SDK would send an equal number of network requests to the VWO servers for them to be tracked. It creates the overhead of sending one network request for tracking every visitor or goal.

Event Batching allows you to process the events for visitors and goal tracking, place them in a queue and dispatch it in a single network request to the VWO servers. SDK lets you batch events and provides options to set a maximum batch size and flush interval timeout. It eliminates the overhead of sending the individual network request for tracking each visitor or goal.

For example, if there are 4000 events, SDK can process them, add them to a queue, and send all of them to VWO servers in a single network request.

Serial Vs Batched 2
Serial vs Batched Events Flow

Why should you batch Events?

  • It brings in efficiency, i.e., SDK will have to send fewer network requests for tracking visitors or goals.
  • Increases flexibility in sending events to the VWO server, i.e., to send events, you have the option to configure the batch size (number of events) or the time interval.
  • You have the option to flush the events data in the queue to the VWO server in case you want to reflect that data in VWO reporting dashboards. This also helps in preventing data loss in case your server needs to be restarted.

To know more about Event batching in VWO, you can refer to this Knowledge Base Article

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