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Configure Collection of Visitors’ Insights post their Consent

Hariom Balhara Hariom Balhara 2 Min Read

VWO is fully committed to upholding the data privacy rights of both our customers and their users. You can read more about what we have done towards this here.

Keeping privacy in mind VWO has made an update allowing you to get Insights into your visitors’ behaviour only after their consent. This option is not enabled by default but can be configured in your account.  Also, this option doesn’t have any effect on A/B Testing. We are currently working to provide our customers with an option to run A/B Tests on consent as well.

Any visitor action can now be used to trigger the collection of Insights data. You can write any custom JavaScript code which for example can listen for visitor actions, decide on the basis of the kind of pages visited, or any scenario which you want to validate before collection of Insights data.

All features of VWO Insights and VWO Engage are controllable by this option. The list is as follows:

  • Heatmaps
  • Form Analysis
  • Recordings
  • Funnels 
  • Goals
  • Surveys 
  • Engage

Please note that a Survey would be shown only after the visitor has given the consent.

Please contact support@vwo.com to get this option enabled for you. We would soon be providing this option in VWO App as well.

You can read more about the option in this KB article

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