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Bringing Custom Dimension to Mobile App Testing

Varun Malhotra Varun Malhotra 2 Min Read

Custom Dimensions help you to categorize and differentiate users on your application. For example, if you are a SaaS company, you may want to categorize users based on their subscription plans like Free, Lite, or Pro.

You may want to track several attributes for your application users, such as the device type, location of the user, group of users who bought a particular product, and so on, that are specific to your business needs. With Custom Dimensions, you can define custom attributes inside the VWO application and associate them with every application user.

Creating Custom Dimension

You can read about creating Custom Dimension in our knowledge base

Note: For Mobile App Testing, the Custom Dimension can only be applied with the user-level scope.

Sending Custom Dimension Data to VWO

You can use the respective SDKs, i.e, Android and iOS SDK, to send the Custom Dimension data to VWO so that you can filter out the results on the reports page. The detailed documentation is available on the developers portal. Refer to the Android and iOS sections for more detail.

Segmenting Campaign Reports Based on Custom Dimension

You can apply any Custom Dimension and the value to filter out the results on the reports page.

Segmenting Reports on the basis of Custom Dimension

Note: The Custom Dimension feature is only available in the VWO Enterprise plans and will only appear in Mobile Campaigns created after 4th July, 2021. Also, please update your respective SDKs to the latest version to push Custom Dimension data.

You can also use Custom Dimensions in VWO Testing and VWO Insights. To know more about it, refer to the knowledge base.

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