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Breakdown Test Reports by Visitor Dimensions

Anshul Gurbaxani Anshul Gurbaxani 2 Min Read

You can now group the test report by different values of visitor dimensions. Visitor dimensions are attributes of people who visit your website. Attributes include the country they came from, device and browser they used, and similar data points.

The report of an A/B test shows the performance of different variations for the overall traffic of your website. You have the option to filter the report by a segment or compare multiple segments. Previously, if you wanted to view the data for top devices that your visitors use, you can compare all device segments and generate a report. However, if you wanted to compare data for the top 5 countries, you did not have an easy way to add them to the same report.

To do this, you had to identify top countries using your analytics and create respective segments in VWO. Now, you have an option to breakdown a test report by a particular dimension such as the Country or Device and view the data segmented by all values of the dimension such as US, India, Australia or Mobile, Desktop, and Tablet.


VWO also allows you to breakdown your report by dimension and compare data for multiple goals in the same view. This adds a new column to the report for Goals.


Note: This feature is being rolled out in phases to customers on VWO Testing Pro and Enterprise plans.

To learn more about the breakdown test report by visitor dimensions feature, refer to this knowledge base article.

[Update 14th September 2020] –

  • You can now breakdown your test report with up to two dimensions. You have an option to drag and reorder the dimensions while selecting them. Doing this changes the order of dimensions in the table.
  • Along with variation wise stats, you see a total row when a dimension is added to the report. If you have multiple dimensions added, a total row will be available for each value of both the dimensions.
  • We have also added support to breakdown reports by custom dimensions created in your account. All “User” scoped custom dimensions will be available as options to breakdown your test report.
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