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Why Melvin loves Visual Website Optimizer?

We are starting a new series to profile testimonials and success stories of users who love Visual Website Optimizer. The idea of I Love VWO series came to us when one of our users, Melvin Ram, sent us a testimonial full of praises (without asking, how fantastic of him!). Following is what Melvin Ram from Volcanic Web Design Company sent us:

I love VWO because it’s frictionless. Within 1 hour of setting up an account, we had 2 tests running. Not planned, but running!

Now that we’re doing testing, we’re making smarter decisions because they are based on real data about the behavior of our prospects. We previously didn’t take the time to track this because we’re a relatively small company and with Google Website Optimizer, setup took way too much time. VWO has already prevented us from making a big mistake that we were planning on trying for a month. Instead, we were able to run a limited test and within a few days had enough data to see that our clever idea wasn’t such as a good idea after all.

Now there is no need for guessing or debating internally. We just run a test and see what really happens. We’re fully committed to testing & conversion optimization and VWO is our tool of choice because they are the only affordable solution that we know we’ll actually use all the time because it’s so damn easy.

Even though we’re a relatively small company, our ambitions are bold. With VWO, we know we’re outsmarting our competition instead of outspending them. That is why I love VWO!

If you too have a story or testimonial to share, please email it to We will definitely get it featured here.

Founder and Chairman of Wingify.

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