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VWO Is Laying The Foundation For The Future Of Customer Experience Optimization

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We’re pleased to announce the next generation of VWO, and we’re calling it the VWO Experience Optimization Platform. With this, we’re laying the foundation for brands to deliver great digital experiences at every touchpoint across their entire customer journey.

We expect that this will enable brands all over the world to significantly improve their existing optimization practice and achieve faster growth. In the new platform, we’re repackaging existing VWO capabilities into standalone products VWO Testing, VWO Insights & VWO Plan.

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Along with that, we’re bringing our web and mobile notification product PushCrew into the platform as VWO Engage. That’s not all. We’re also launching our server-side testing product, VWO FullStack.

So, with the launch of VWO Experience Optimization Platform, VWO now offers the following six products which are available standalone or can be bundled together to fit any brand’s optimization needs:

VWO Insights

We’ve expanded an existing VWO capability (VWO Analyze) and launched it as a separate product called VWO Insights. It can be used to generate actionable insights by observing visitor behavior through various capabilities such as Session Recordings, Heatmaps, On-page Surveys, Form Analytics, Usability Reviews, and Funnel Tracking.

VWO Testing

Our award-winning A/B, Split, and Multivariate Testing solution. Use VWO Testing to experiment and optimize your web experiences, without involving your development team. When combined with VWO Insights, it enables brands to create a pipeline of data-driven hypotheses for continuous experimentation and optimization.

[New Launch] VWO FullStack

We’re excited to launch a server-side and mobile app A/B testing tool that we’re calling VWO FullStack. With VWO FullStack, brands can test and optimize their entire stack – from website to mobile app and now, even their server-side backend. We expect that VWO FullStack will allow various teams within an organization  (including marketing, product management, conversion optimization, growth, and development teams) to conduct even the most complex tests as VWO FullStack gives them the ability to directly test code on the server-side.

[Rebrand] VWO Engage

Three years ago, with PushCrew (our other product), we paved the way for brands to communicate with their customers via upcoming channels of browser notifications and Facebook Messenger (deprecated) to bring back abandoning visitors and customers at 4X the CTRs of email. Today, we’re rebranding PushCrew as VWO Engage. This integration means that as an existing VWO customer, your current login and website code will now also work for VWO Engage. If you are an existing PushCrew customer, rest assured that beyond rebranding, nothing else changes for you.

VWO Plan

We have also unbundled our CRO project planning and management capability, VWO Plan. We believe that more than tools, it’s how the tools are used that determines success or failure. We want teams to collaborate cross-functionally and execute an integrated growth roadmap. With that vision, we’ve now enabled and integrated VWO Plan into all our offerings along with making it available as a separate product. This means no matter which VWO product you buy, you get VWO Plan for free along with it.

VWO Services

We have been working with our customers and agency partners to co-develop optimization roadmaps, propose winning hypotheses, develop and QA their test implementations and also, manage their end-to-end optimization program. Today, we are delighted to announce that we have expanded our in-house team of experts and are ready to make VWO Services available to a larger audience.

Update: VWO Services are deprecated now. We offer similar help to clients through customer support.

Download Free: Customer Experience Optimization Guide

What’s In-Store For You

We’re certainly thrilled about this launch and rebranding, but we’re more excited about the foundation that the VWO Experience Optimization Platform has laid for the future of how brands will build and deliver great customer experiences. It’s the first step towards delivering our vision of process-driven and integrated digital experience optimization across all customer touchpoints.

A platform is much more beyond the products it offers. Afterall, we’re calling our new offering a platform, and not a bundle. We believe VWO Experience Optimization Platform delivers a number of extra benefits which directly translate into a higher ROI for your growth efforts. Here is what brands will benefit from when they use VWO Experience Optimization Platform:

Build your own customer experience optimization stack

We understand that every business has its own unique vision of customer experience optimization. Some are just starting out with improving conversion, while others are looking to optimize the entire customer journey across web portals, mobile apps, and customer communications. By unbundling our offerings into VWO Insights, VWO Testing, VWO Engage, VWO Plan, and VWO FullStack, our customers can pick and choose what they want and build their customized stack that aligns perfectly with their growth roadmap.

Deeply integrated platform for end-to-end customer experience optimization

Customers today interact with brands on multiple channels and in a variety of contexts. Isolated optimization of one customer touchpoint no longer works. Successful optimization requires taking a deeper look into the customer journey across its lifetime. Such an integrated approach to experience optimization isn’t possible if isolated tools are used. Under the VWO Experience Optimization Platform, all our offerings – VWO Insights, VWO Testing, VWO FullStack, VWO Engage, VWO Plan, will increasingly integrate with one other so that  growth and optimization teams can use any functionality wherever and whenever they require it. With VWO’s customer support, our in-house experts are always available to collaborate and help develop a brand’s growth roadmap.

Single source of truth for optimization data

Our customers have told us that since different analytics and optimization products have their own database,  reconciling reports is a constant pain for their teams. For example, a heatmaps product says there were 10,000 visitors on a particular page while a testing product says there were only 9000 visitors. What do you believe when such discrepancies arise? The new VWO Experience Optimization Platform maintains a single source of truth for visitors, and that data holds constant no matter which VWO product or capability is being used. This allows growth and optimization teams to spend less time reconciling data between products and more time confidently deriving insights on customer behavior.

One login, one code, one interface, one billing, multiple products

All our offerings under the VWO Experience Optimization Platform will be available via a single login, powered by the same VWO Smartcode on your website, and have a consistent user interface. This saves you time, effort, and the hassle of managing multiple products from multiple vendors.

VWO Platform as it is available today is merely the beginning. I spoke to Website Planet on how and we have transitioned from being an experimentation platform to building a framework for experience optimization. The framework that we’ve laid above will help us launch new capabilities and products to strengthen our best-in-class end-to-end experience optimization platform. Stay tuned for more product announcements under the VWO Experience Optimization Platform.

Exact details on what all has changed for you as an existing customer can be found here. Pricing of the VWO Platform can be requested by emailing at sales@vwo.com or by filling the contact form on our website. In case you have any questions or comments, please feel free to write to us at support@vwo.com

PS: We’ve also given our website a facelift. I hope you like the new design!

Sparsh Gupta
Sparsh Gupta I am co-founder and CEO at VWO and hold a Master in Computer Science from the University of Oxford, where I specialized in Artificial Intelligence. I am passionate about designing and implementing large-scale systems, such as VWO. I am also interested in user experience, business operations, and analytics. When I'm not working, you can find me gardening or cooking. You can connect with me at @sparshgupta or via email at sparsh@wingify.com.
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