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Visitor Behavior Analysis – 6 Must-Watch Webinars to Improve Website Experience

8 Min Read

Digital NRG, a marketing agency based in the UK, discovered that one of its clients was facing poor engagement and low conversions on their landing page. 

Now, there are a lot of factors that can lead to this problem – slow load time, page glitches, poor content quality, bad website experience, and so on.

However, instead of relying on assumptions, Digital NRG analyzed visitor behavior on the landing page with heatmaps and session recordings to understand how visitors were interacting with the page.           

This approach revealed a significant number of dead clicks above the fold, which prompted the agency to insert an additional CTA button in this section. 

This simple change boosted visitor engagement and led to an increase of 133.8% in the conversion rate of the landing page.

Feature Image Visitor Behavior Analysis 6 Must Watch Webinars To Improve Website Experience 1

The importance of visitor behavior analysis   

When it comes to website optimization, brands often track a few common metrics like bounce rate, percentage of visitor drop-offs, time spent on a page, clicks on CTAs, and so on.  

However, as we saw in the case of Digital NRG, these metrics fail to reveal the underlying motivations and desires that drive visitor actions. 

This is where behavioral analytics comes into the picture. It is a useful method that involves conducting qualitative research to understand visitor behavior. 

With a good behavioral analytics tool, you can observe heatmaps, watch session recordings, create AI-powered surveys, and analyze form interactions to get deeper insights into visitor behavior and build an impactful website experience.

If you are still unsure about the benefits or implementation, we’ve uncovered some insightful and value-driven VWO Webinars that will help you learn more about the importance of visitor behavior analysis.

1. Boost conversions with proven behavioral science techniques

Link: Bas Wouters’ webinar

Bas Wouters' Webinar

Understanding your visitors’ behavior, challenges, preferences, and intent is crucial for building an amazing website experience. While there are different ways to go about this, leveraging behavioral science techniques is a smart and effective strategy.

Key behavior design principles. Source: VWO Webinar
Key behavior design principles
Image source: VWO Webinar

Bas Wouters, Founder of Online Influence Institute, joined VWO for an insightful webinar where he addressed the concept of behavioral science and explained how businesses can use it to boost website conversions.

If you are struggling to understand visitor behavior, this webinar offers important techniques, strategies, and practical examples that you can use to connect with your visitors and build a personalized experience.

Why you should watch this webinar  

  • Learn how to strike a balance between the use of simple language and technical jargon on your website.
  • Discover strategies like the ‘Simple Question Technique’ to increase engagement and responses for your emails and questionnaires.
  • Understand how to identify the desired behavior you want from your visitors and design your page to focus on that. 
  • Add a ‘don’t know’ option in all your questions. This enables visitors to provide an answer and also keeps them engaged in your funnel.

2. PSY-Q: Using psychological intelligence to understand and optimize customer behavior

Link: Ben Ambridge’s webinar

Ben Ambridge's Webinar

Customers don’t make random decisions. Every action they take on your website is based on a wide range of factors such as intent, goal, mindset, and so on.

An example of delay discounting
An example of delay discounting
Image source: VWO Webinar

In this webinar, Consumer Psychology Expert, Ben Ambridge discusses the positive impact of behavioral psychology on industries like eCommerce. He also explains how you can use various psychological principles like anchoring and framing to optimize customer experience on websites. 

Moreover, during the webinar, Ben talks about the practical application of these principles and shares key strategies to deliver experiences that your customers love. 

Why you should watch this webinar

  • Understand why the term ‘free’ often has a powerful psychological impact on consumers and learn how to incorporate this term into your website copy or marketing strategy to appeal to more customers.
  • Study the evolution of consciousness and philosophy to gain a nuanced understanding of customer psychology and behavior.
  • Discover why a higher price point often makes other options seem more reasonable and learn how to use this concept to drive more attention towards your most popular pricing plans.
  • Get amazing book recommendations from Ben to learn more about behavioral psychology. 

3. Accelerate your conversion optimization program with behavioral and attitudinal research

Link: Daniel Gold’s webinar

Daniel Gold's Webinar

Important business decisions are often driven by intuition, rather than research. However, when it comes to website optimization, this strategy can often lead to setbacks and failures. 

Different methods of conducting behavioral research
Different methods of conducting behavioral research
Image source: VWO Webinar

During this engaging VWO Webinar, Daniel Gold, Head of Research at House of Kaizen, discusses how behavioral research combined with attitudinal research methods can drive business growth.   

Also, Daniel shares how you can use behavioral research to boost conversions and explains how heatmaps, session recordings, and pop-up surveys can give you deeper insights into customer behavior.

Why you should watch this webinar

  • Learn why marketers often fail to understand their customers and how you can overcome this challenge.
  • Discover important CRO research methodologies like heatmaps, session recordings, eye-tracking, customer journey mapping, and social surveys.
  • Understand the importance of using pop-up surveys to identify content gaps and visitor intent.
  • Explore strategies to combine behavioral and attitudinal research methods and connect them to consumer behavior theory. 
Pro Tip!

Analyze the heatmaps of important pages like the home page, or checkout page, to identify the areas that receive the highest engagement. Based on these observations, you can display the most important content like CTA buttons, FAQs, or pricing comparisons in these high-engagement areas.

4. Leveraging behavioral economics with conversion optimization

Link: Julien Le Nestour’s webinar

Julien Le Nestour's Webinar

In this webinar, behavioral scientist Julien Le Nestour shares insightful strategies and techniques to combine behavioral economics with CRO. 

Julien discusses the importance of understanding the buyer’s psychology and also shares some real-world case studies of brands that mastered behavioral economics.

How ‘Choice Architecture’ can influence customer decisions
How ‘Choice Architecture’ can influence customer decisions
Image source: VWO Webinar

Why you should watch this webinar

  • Learn all about the ICAR framework (Incentives, Choice Architecture, Repetition) and how it helps you analyze the touchpoints of customer journeys.
  • Understand how nudge theory can influence the behavior and decisions of your visitors.
  • Get insightful tips and strategies to optimize lead generation forms, CTA (call-to-action) buttons, and website landing pages.    

5. Live website teardown: how to fuel more experiments with heatmap data

Link: Jon MacDonald’s webinar

Jon MacDonald's Webinar

Websites can often feel like a maze to visitors. Instead of exploring, visitors might just leave to get what they want elsewhere. Identifying the challenges and friction points that visitors experience on your website is crucial to improving conversions.

Heatmap analysis of a website
Heatmap analysis of a website
Image source: VWO Webinar

This VWO Webinar features Jon MacDonald, Founder and President of The Good, as he does a live review of real websites with the help of heatmaps. 

During this review, he discusses ways to identify friction points and also sheds light on how the customer journey is quite different from what we think it is.

Why you should watch this webinar

  • Discover the importance of using heatmaps to analyze visitor interactions on your landing page.
  • Learn how behavioral analysis can help identify visitor challenges and struggles.
  • Explore strategies to optimize the various touchpoints of a visitor’s journey.   

6. Capturing and actioning the voice of the customer

Link: Ali Good’s webinar

Ali Good's Webinar

The ‘Voice of Customer’ is a concept that involves understanding what your customers care about and using those insights to drive optimization efforts. 

Analytics - Best Practices
Key tips for capturing the voice of your customers
Image source: VWO Webinar

In this insightful webinar, Ali Good, Global Head of Strategy & Product Marketing at Quizizz, discusses various strategies and methods to capture the voice of your customers. These include customer surveys, focus groups, and interviews.

Moreover, Ali emphasized the importance of asking about customer behaviors rather than desires and only asking questions that will lead to actionable insights.

Why you should watch this webinar

  • Understand why you must send surveys to a large enough customer base and how it lends credibility and reliability to your results. 
  • Learn the importance of respecting your customers’ time and understand why you must ask only those questions that you plan to act on.
  • Discover tips to frame questions on customer behaviors and learn how they can help you understand their desires.
Pro Tip!

Trigger a survey when a visitor has scrolled through 50% of the page to understand what they are looking for and use the response to guide them toward their desired goal or action. By doing so, you can proactively assist them along their journey and identify potential issues or roadblocks that they might be facing. 

Use VWO Insights – Web to get nuanced insights into visitor behavior 

Offering a comprehensive set of features that includes heatmaps, session recordings, and AI-powered surveys, VWO Insights – Web is ideal for small, medium, and large enterprises too. 

VWO Insights - Web

You can use these behavioral analytics features to analyze visitor interactions and learn more about the challenges, problems, frustrations, desires, and interests of your visitors.

Take a free trial with VWO Insights – Web today to understand the ‘why’ behind every action on your website.

Ashley Bhalerao
Ashley Bhalerao Content, memes, and movies - these three words perfectly describe my life (in a nutshell). I am a Content Marketer at VWO and I love creating high-quality, engaging content that can help organizations to grow their business and drive revenue. Outside of work hours, you will find me grooving at dance workshops, vibing to Bollywood music, exploring delicious street food, and scrolling endlessly on YouTube. P.S. I also have a secret meme page on Instagram :)
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