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PSY-Q: Using Psychological Intelligence to Understand and Optimize Customer Behavior

Duration - 60 minutes
Ben Ambridge

Ben Ambridge

Consumer Psychology Expert, Endless Gain

Shubhankar Gupta

Shubhankar Gupta

Ex - Product Marketer, VWO

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You’ve heard of your IQ – your intelligence – but what about your Psy-Q? How much do you know about Psychology and its crucial role in understanding and optimizing customer behavior? In this webinar, Professor Ben Ambridge will take you through the Top 10 Psychological Principles of CRO, illustrating each with actionable insights that can be applied to any website. These include:

  • Delay discounting: One marshmallow now or two later? How to delay discounting affects customer behavior (as well as your life expectancy).
  • Commitment: Foot in the door or Door in the face? How to get customers to commit to a purchase.
  • Less is more: How gimmicky giveaways can hurt your conversions.
  • Risk aversion vs Risk seeking: Flipping customer behavior with simple reframing.

Why is Endless Gain delivering the webinar? Simply because their way is different from everybody else’s (they also share their thoughts on the current importance of optimization) their  Endless Gain uses Biometrics to understand human emotions and behavior, and Psychology to optimize human emotions and behavior. Their mental models help clients convert more customers, keep them for longer, and have them spend more.

Ben Ambridge is a Professor of Psychology at the University of Liverpool and the author of two books: Psy-Q: Test Your Psychological Intelligence and Are You Smarter Than A Chimpanzee. He has spoken at numerous CRO events including Conversion Hotel, Digital Elite, and Real UX. 

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