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Boost your Conversion with Proven Behavioral Science Techniques

Duration - 60 minutes
Bas Wouters

Bas Wouters

Author "Online Influence" & Founder, Online Influence Institute

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Ever wonder what companies like Netflix, Amazon, and KLM do differently that they are known as conversion giants? 

Well, amongst other things, what they do better than anyone else is they make a huge investment into understanding their visitor behavior and psychology. Indeed not everyone is Amazon, but we can certainly take a lesson or two from their playbook that they use to influence their visitor behavior. 

Persuasion and behavior-design expert Bas Wouters, who has coached thousands of professionals globally on how to apply the principles of persuasion and also written an acclaimed book on this subject- Online Influence, is joining us on 22nd March, 11:30 am CET. 

“ A must study for everyone in the field of online persuasion”

Dr Robert Cialdini on ‘Online Influence’

In this webinar, Bas will shine light on 37 proven psychological principles based on the insights of today’s most important behavioral scientists, such as Fogg, Cialdini and Kahneman, and teach how to use them to influence visitor behavior on our website. 

Key Takeaways

  • 37 proven psychological principles to boost your conversion rate.
  • How to apply those principles to design a winning prompt.
  • How to apply persuasion principles on your website in an ethical manner.

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