Leveraging Behavioral Economics With Conversion Optimization

30 July 2018 | Eastern time

Utkarsh Rai

Product Marketer, VWO

Rahul Jain

Senior Product Manager, VWO

Julien Le Nestour

Julien Le Nestour

Behavioral Scientist, Havas Helia

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Marketing is often ineffective because it fails to target the part of the human brain responsible for emotions. To trigger an emotional response, you need to consider the underlying motivations which govern human behavior.

This webinar will help you leverage behavioral economics with conversion optimization.

Here’s what you’ll be taking away from the session:

  • A peek into buyer’s psychology
  • Understanding behavioral economics with real-world case studies
  • Gauging the behavior of your website visitors with CRO
  • How website testing and optimization can help you create a better conversion experience