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Launching a free VWO Testing plan – the best alternative for Google Optimize users

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Google recently announced its decision to sunset Google Optimize and Optimize 360 by Sept 30, 2023. 

While this news might be disappointing for the numerous users of Google Optimize, the decision in no way thwarts the contribution made by Google Optimize to the CRO industry. By offering a free A/B testing tool, it gave thousands of brands the option to dip their toes in experimentation before they took the full plunge. In the 5 years since Google Optimize was launched, the CRO industry expanded and flourished. For this and more, we would like to thank Google Optimize.

Download Free: A/B Testing Guide

VWO is one of the world’s leading experimentation platforms that has time and again been instrumental in furthering the interests of the CRO community. Our platform offers best-in-class testing abilities, behavior analytics with heatmaps and session replays, personalization options, rollouts, as well as an events-driven customer data platform, and program management capabilities across web, mobile apps, IoT, OTT, server-side code, and APIs. Data-backed testing is something we truly believe in, and have always encouraged companies to incorporate it into their culture. 

With this firm belief in experimentation, and as a 13-year-old company that pioneered ‘easy A/B testing,’ today, we are launching a free plan for our powerful experimentation platform. We want to extend our support to everyone getting started with experimentation and all the customers and agencies currently using Google Optimize and Google Optimize 360 – so that they can continue their experimentation activities as seamlessly as possible.

With this in mind, we are launching VWO Testing Starter Plan.

The plan will be free for users for up to 50k tested visitors a month.

If your optimization needs are bigger, we already have our VWO Testing Growth, Pro, and Enterprise plans; we are making these available for Google Optimize customers at a special one-time discount.

What do you get with the VWO Testing Starter Plan?

Honestly, a better version of Google Optimize. 

You get access to a suite of features that will enable you to enhance your experimentation program with a systemized idea collection process, and stronger hypotheses, along with efficient and faster testing. 

With the VWO Testing Starter plan,

  • There is no limitation on the number of experiments that you can run.
  • You get an improved and easy-to-use no-code editor 
  • You can easily integrate VWO with your existing stack including Google Analytics, and Google Ads
  • You can run experiments on websites built on Single Page Application frameworks without any manual overrides
  • You get the best-in-class support. Not kidding, our CSAT is 99% against the industry average of 94%.

Watch a guided tour on VWO Testing:

VWO Testing | Overview

Download Free: A/B Testing Guide

What’s in store if you migrate from Google Optimize 360 to VWO?

We are also offering our Enterprise plan at a discount to Optimize 360 customers. Apart from 1:1 migration services, easy onboarding, and personalized training, with VWO you will get to experience the power of a connected platform that takes care of all your experimentation needs. From discovering data-based insights on visitor behavior and building roadmaps to testing ideas and collaborating in a single space – you get it all. Our easily interpretable, real-time reports enable you to make smart business decisions. Plus, VWO integrates with your existing tech stack including Google Analytics and Google Ads to allow for a smooth optimization process. You would never have to worry about the privacy and security of your visitors; VWO is fully GDPR compliant with data centers in the US and Europe, and takes a privacy-first approach while building globally-respected experimentation products.

Whether you’re an existing Google Optimize customer or an Optimize 360 customer, if you choose to move to VWO, you will no doubt be in safe hands. Our migration expert team will be ready to help you migrate effortlessly.

We will be announcing more on this early next week, but in the meantime, shoot us your questions and concerns at – we’d love to help!  

Closing thoughts

As more and more companies get impacted by the global macroeconomic conditions and gear up to face the looming recession, the one thing that continues to be the backbone of growth is data-backed decision-making. And systemized experimentation is the only logical way to keep up with it consistently. Your experimentation journey does not have to end with Google Optimize or Optimize 360. This is in fact your chance to grab an upgrade – with VWO.

Sparsh Gupta
Sparsh Gupta I am co-founder and CEO at VWO and hold a Master in Computer Science from the University of Oxford, where I specialized in Artificial Intelligence. I am passionate about designing and implementing large-scale systems, such as VWO. I am also interested in user experience, business operations, and analytics. When I'm not working, you can find me gardening or cooking. You can connect with me at @sparshgupta or via email at
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