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on Conversion Rate Optimization

We recently rolled out new updates on Visual Website Optimizer which has made A/B testing easier than ever. In fact, we have made it so easy that you will be able to create A/B tests with your eyes closed. Don’t believe us? Watch the video below:

OK, so the claim of being able to create A/B tests with eyes closed was bit of an exaggeration but you can see just how incredibly easy we have made the whole processes of designing and creating A/B tests. Amongst numerous updates we rolled out, following are salient ones:

  • Resizing images, buttons, text blocks, etc.
  • Moving (or re-locating) text, button, headline, forms or just about anything on the webpage
  • Hiding or removing sections on webpage
  • Clubbing multiple changes on a page as one variation

These updates now allow you to change your original landing page or webpage in a variety of ways (moving, resizing, editing, hiding, etc.) to create totally different variations. Isn’t that cool?

Additionally, we introduced some new kinds of tests that you can see below:

As you can see above, now you can create 5 different kinds of tests in Visual Website Optimizer:

  • A/B Test: club various changes on the page in one variation
  • Multivariate Testing: every change is combined with every other change on the page and VWO automatically creates page variations from the combinations
  • Split URL Testing: you host variation pages on your servers, VWO splits traffic amongst them
  • Heatmap / Clickmap: visually see where visitors are clicking on your landing page or web page
  • Measure Conversion Rate: measure conversion rate on multiple goals your website or landing page

Phew! Aren’t they lot of updates? If you are VWO user, we would love to get feedback on these new features. If you are not, we encourage you to Signup for Free Trial Account (no credit card needed) and start doing A/B testing on your website in less than 5 minutes.


CEO of @Wingify by the day, startups, marketing and analytics enthusiast by the afternoon, and a nihilist philosopher/writer by the evening!

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  1. Pretty awesome stuff.

  2. Excellent additions! I look forward to using them 🙂

  3. Wow that’s pretty awesome, great stuff, and I like the new test additions.

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