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Maximizing Customer Insights and Prioritizing Growth with VWO Insights – Web

9 Min Read

Imagine a world devoid of customer behavior analysis tools. There would be no dearth of challenges faced by brands in such a scenario: Understanding customer preferences, personalizing experiences, retaining a loyal customer base, and optimizing marketing strategies would become elusive goals. The absence of these tools could easily cast a shadow over product development and result in missed cross-selling opportunities, posing an existential threat to digital businesses. 

Luckily for us, the reality is different. The strategic implementation of cutting-edge customer behavior analysis tools has helped numerous brands overcome these hurdles and position themselves to thrive in the ever-evolving market dynamics.

Leveraging user behavior analysis for transformative improvements

To maximize customer insights and strategically prioritize growth, companies have customer analysis tools at their disposal. These can be used to define clear goals and key metrics, implement robust tracking mechanisms, meticulously segment user data, and discern meaningful patterns in user behavior. 

VWO Insights – Web, has the power of features like session recordings, heatmaps, surveys, and form analytics. It goes beyond mere observations to dive deep into user interactions, identifies issues with surgical precision, and provides actionable insights that shape the very fabric of design decisions. 

See VWO heatmap in action

You can browse all sessions of a visitor in a single hub to understand their complete journey. You no longer need to miss any intricacies of their journey – in fact, you witness firsthand how they navigate and experience your website. 

Say, for instance, your goal is to evaluate the effectiveness of a new user interface and identify opportunities to enhance the visitor journey.

You begin by accessing the session recordings tool to observe user interactions on the website. The focus is on users who successfully complete a purchase, aiming to understand their journey from landing on the homepage to completing the checkout process.

You can see whether your users navigate easily through your redesigned homepage – whether the simplified layout and clear call-to-action buttons contribute to a positive first impression. You can check how quickly visitors find the product categories they are interested in, and note down instances of confusion or hesitation.

If session recordings and heatmaps highlight users smoothly browsing through product pages, you can check whether the transition from product selection to cart management is as seamless as you’d like. The clickmap, scrollmap heatmap, and session recordings all come in handy to analyze the efficiency and placement of the add-to-cart button. 

You can also evaluate the checkout process if you notice an increase in abandoned carts. How are users progressing through the checkout steps? Session recordings can show any issues they encounter giving you the opportunity to brainstorm optimization ideas like adding clear progress indicators, concise form fields, or the option to save payment information.

With a quick setup and a free trial, you can harness the comprehensive analytics offered by VWO Insights – Web to guide transformative improvements on your website, ensuring a digital experience that resonates powerfully with your audience. 

In the following section, we present 3 case studies of high-growth brands that used VWO Insights – Web to fast-track their UX goals. 

Success stories: The power of surveys, session recordings & heatmaps

Bear Mattress identified issues with their product detailed pages: low click activity, less interaction with products, non-engaging copy 

Bear Mattress, a sleep wellness trailblazer, sought to elevate its revenue game by tapping into cross-selling opportunities. Teaming up with VWO, they embarked on a strategic journey to optimize their website and boost conversion rates, aiming to redefine the sleep experience for their diverse customer base, spanning athletes to professionals.

Honing in on the ‘Cross-sell Flow’ on mattress product detail pages, Bear Mattress identified challenges with the help of VWO Insights – Web. 

The following observations were made:

  • Not many people clicked on the ‘Frequently bought with mattress’ section that shows other products you might like. Compared to other parts of the page, not many clicks happened on those suggested products, as seen in the heatmap.
  • In the ‘Frequently bought with mattress’ part, there were no pictures of the items, making people less interested in that section. It affected how much people engaged with that part of the page.
  • Also, the words used were more about the product than what the customer might like. The words didn’t make customers curious or give them good reasons to think about buying the product.
Bear Mattress cross sell flow

A daring redesign of the cross-sell section based on these insights led to a 24.18% uplift in successful purchases and a remarkable 16.21% revenue boost. 

Here’s the full case study

Micro Focus identified the cause of the low form completion rate with form analysis: no indication of mandatory fields

In the intricate realm of digital transformation, Micro Focus, a stalwart with almost five decades of history, embarked on a journey to redefine success in a dynamic marketplace. The team championed optimization efforts across Micro Focus’s digital properties. 

The goals were crystal clear for this seasoned team— Home page enhancements, revenue page elements, and an overall superior user experience were top priorities.

Deep-diving into user interactions using VWO Insights’ heatmaps, scrollmaps, and session recordings, the team unearthed critical observations. Mandatory form fields lacked asterisks, free trial CTAs were below the fold, and the Marketplace domain needed product linkage for traffic flow.

When these crucial issues were addressed,  a 12.37% uplift in form completion rate and a 124.13% increase in traffic to revenue-generating product pages were achieved. 

Here’s the full case study

IMB Bank identified the friction that led to high drop-offs on their website pages and form: lack of instructions, uncertainty around USP, and missing social proof 

IMB Bank, a financial stalwart since 1880, leveraged VWO to uncover hidden engagement opportunities and boost conversions by a remarkable 87%. 

User behavior research using VWO Insights – Web, including heatmaps, funnel analysis, form analysis, and session recordings, guided the team. The results spoke volumes:

Personal loan conversion rate: A stellar 36% increase.

Home loan conversion rate: Soared by an impressive 87%.

The team ran two campaigns:

Campaign 1: Personal loan application form – 1st page optimized

Addressing a high drop-off rate on the first page identified by VWO Insights – Web, elements like USPs, awards, time indicators, improved design, and clear instructions were introduced. The result: a 9% increase in form completions, later escalating to a 12% YoY boost.

Campaign 2: Personal loan application form – exit popup

Analyzing an 84% drop-off before completing the form, an exit popup was employed. While not impacting form completion significantly, there was a surge in users saving the form. Recognizing the need for additional information, the ‘save’ option proved highly impactful. Post-implementation saved forms and resumed completions soared by 37% and 250%, respectively.

Here’s the full case study.

What clients say about VWO Insights

The surveys, session recordings & heatmaps features appeal to us the most. Knowledge and customer data are king and these two features shape our roadmap as to what we prioritize for development and initiatives we work on. At the moment we are using surveys as the primary source of behavioral insight. This then shapes what the priorities are for features for our customers.

Alice Michael, Group Head Of Ecommerce Operations at APG & Co, attests to the significance of VWO Insight’s features in steering their company initiatives.

Decoding customer behavior with innovation

In essence, VWO Insights – Web acts as a conduit between businesses and their customers, transforming raw data into meaningful narratives. By understanding customer behavior through surveys, session recordings, and heatmaps, businesses gain a nuanced understanding of their audience. This deep comprehension, in turn, fuels informed decision-making, targeted improvements, and a customer-centric approach that fosters long-term success.

VWO amplifies the power of its user behavior analytics with its “Insights Dashboard”. This dashboard helps accelerate the optimization velocity of teams. How? By helping users zoom in on user struggles on their website without having to comb through terabytes of data collected by VWO Insights.

Overview of the Insights Dashboard 

The Insights Dashboard comes with important enablers like the Experience Overview and Friction Trend, measuring metrics like ‘Rage clicks’ and ‘dead clicks’ to create a ‘friction score’ indicative of user struggle. The ‘experience score’ reflects user satisfaction, aiding in identifying and prioritizing UX issues. It enables the identification and resolution of page-level issues through instant analysis, associated heatmaps, and session recordings.

The dashboard facilitates the proactive identification of dissatisfied user segments and offers concise summaries of form performance and surveys. With diverse use cases, such as comparing experiences after page optimization and boosting product sales through experience enhancement, the Insights Dashboard becomes an indispensable tool for quarterly holistic reviews, providing a comprehensive understanding of website health.

With VWO Insights – Web you can also leverage a groundbreaking Generative AI update, enhancing survey capabilities with two innovative features. The AI-powered Survey Creation allows users to specify goals, generating tailored questions to uncover insights like customer preferences or product feedback. The process is iterative, enabling the regeneration of questions until the ideal survey is achieved. 

The AI-generated Survey Reports offer quick comprehension through enhanced summaries, including feedback comments. The AI analyzes survey feedback, providing actionable suggestions for improvement. Key benefits include efficient survey crafting, seamless question regeneration, and a deeper understanding of the audience. Currently, in beta, users can enable this feature by contacting support@vwo.com.

Additionally, VWO Insights – Web unveils an advanced filtering feature, empowering smarter decision-making by allowing users to effortlessly pinpoint issues affecting specific visitor cohorts. With unlimited filtering capabilities, standard filters, and custom attributes, users can streamline the analysis process, saving valuable time and enhancing the effectiveness of their marketing strategies and user experience refinement.

VWO’s vision is to build products that help customers improve their websites by giving them smart solutions and useful information about their visitors. The newly launched features are therefore a step in the right direction. At VWO, we want to help our customers not just gather data but enable them to create value about it. We want to help our clients understand and connect with their visitors in new and improved ways.

In conclusion

Visitor behavior analysis tools stand as a powerful force, bridging the gap between businesses and their customers by deciphering raw data into meaningful narratives. The implementation of VWO Insights – Web, has empowered brands like Bear Mattress, Micro Focus, and IMB Bank to fast-track their UX goals, achieving remarkable success through strategic optimization efforts. The showcased case studies demonstrate the tangible impact on revenue, conversion rates, and user engagement. Furthermore, the Insights Dashboard and the innovative Generative AI update enhance VWO’s capabilities, providing actionable insights, efficient survey crafting, and advanced filtering for smarter decision-making. 

We leave you with some love shown by our users on G2 in recent times. 

Testimonials by users on G2
Testimonials by users on G2
Niti Sharma
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