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A/B Split Testing

How a Dutch Major Achieved 7.8% Increase in Conversion by Removing a ‘Lifeline’

Summary A major Dutch healthcare professionals’ association decided to a/b test a seemingly minor change in its header image. Using VWO, it discovered that the change – removing a horizontal line in the image, could lead to a substantial 7.8% increase in conversion rate, with almost 100 percent probability for consistent results. The Client VVAA, an association of over 75,000 Dutch healthcare professionals, specializes in providing quality advice to its members on areas ranging from setting up and managing a practice, to portfolio management and mortgages. As a market leader in the healthcare industry and a pioneer in the area of medical liability insurance, VVAA attracts a very healthy traffic to its site. Visitors are greeted with a fairly big header image containing a list of benefits and a CTA button. Things were good. Then, the VVAA corporate communication had a design idea. A horizontal line representing a  “lifeline” was added right at…

Success Kid Ran an A/B Test

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Success Kid

We at Wingify spend a lot of our time running A/B tests to increase conversions for ourselves and our customers. But oftentimes, we find ourselves wondering about the deeper questions of life. What would happen if Success Kid ran an A/B test? What if overly attached girlfriend got to know about personalization? What if Bad Luck Brian got into content marketing? And answering these questions is no easy task. They need deep research. So we spent day after day on Meme Generator and Know Your Meme learning more about our characters. Presented below are the findings from our extensive research in a slightly different kind of report. Success Kid First World Problems Overly Attached Girlfriend Drunk Baby Scumbag Steve Bad Luck Brian The Most Interesting Man in the World The meme from Taken — not sure what it’s called Conspiracy Keanu Good Guy Greg Mr Bean Photogenic Guy We got a… Kill Yourself…

Split Testing between Standard Search Box and Drop-Down Search Increased Leads by 57.25%

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Comparison image - Casa Mineira split test

The Company Casa Mineira is a real estate company operating in Brazil. They have eight physical offices spread in different locations in Belo Horizonte, one of Brazil’s largest cities. Apart from a strong physical presence in the city, they also have a website to attract customers online. The original homepage of the website had a neat and somewhat minimalist design above the fold. The headline, pointing towards a search box, asked people to find a property in Belo Horizonte. This is how the search box on their original homepage looked like: To improve the conversions of their website, they hired Supersonic, a CRO consultancy in Brazil. Supersonic started by doing email surveys, on-site feedback (using Qualaroo) and exit-surveys to really understand the visitors. One thing that prominently came out from these was that the visitors really needed to perform their search quickly and easily. Rafael at Supersonic, decided to test…

Why Random A/B Testing is a One Night Stand

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So you run a test or two, have your moments of virtual euphoria and promise yourself to roll out a meticulous Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) strategy to increase website sales and revenue. But then… You lose steam, the inspiration wears off, you don’t have the time or the mental bandwidth to conduct the research this “long and winding” process requires. You want quick, Flash-like results, so you give into the delicious temptation of running more random tests. A successful random test, after all, is like a seductress. The northward-looking graphs, that beautiful-almost-perfect statistical significance, the simple awareness that a mere tweak can bring in so much more fortune. It’s all nothing short of a digital orgasm. The case for random testing As the headline of this article suggests, there are going to be some hidden and not-so-hidden innuendos around one-night stands. So if morally-questionable analogies aren’t your thing, try to make them your thing and read ahead. Here are some virtues of random…

Crazy Minimal Homepage Increased Leads for an SEO Service Company from 1.39% to 13.13%

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The split testing campaign I am going to talk about in today’s case study was named the “crazy minimal homepage” campaign. The change was no less crazy; the company decided to wipe off their entire homepage and show just the sign-up form. The Company TheHOTH is a white label SEO service company. They provide link building services for agencies and SEO re-sellers. On their website’s original homepage, they have a video & a sign-up form (above the fold), customer logos, testimonials as well as other necessary and good-to-have elements. Here is how their original homepage looks: The Problem TheHOTH was getting a decent amount of traffic on their homepage but their conversions were pretty low. They tested their headline and added / removed some page elements among other changes. But nothing brought them significant results. The Research They decided to dig some data to understand about the people who were…

The World Has Moved On From Plain Vanilla A/B Testing. Have You?

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4 years ago, when our CEO Paras wrote about A/B testing on Smashing Magazine, it was a hit! A/B testing was still a lesser known term then. Today, it is something data-driven marketers swear by. In one of our user surveys, someone also went on to call it “the bread and butter of his job”. But do we do it right? Are we chasing the right metrics? Are our hypotheses strong enough? And importantly, are we still doing those plain vanilla A/B tests? Tests such as changing button colors or tweaking some copy and waiting to see what happens. And the worst of all, testing a change with a view that since another website increased their conversions by making that change, it should work for us as well. No wonder, many of our A/B tests fail and don’t get us the desired results. This is partially because of the not-so-persuasive…

CRO Industry Insights from Our In-App Survey Results

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5 years ago when our Founder, Paras Chopra, realized the opportunity gap for an “easy-to-use” A/B testing software in the industry, he didn’t know how big it’s going to be. He tried to solve a pain point and it worked: VWO is today a known name in the industry. Now when we look back at how things have changed over time, testing has become a part of the culture for those who understand how powerful it is. No data-driven online business can ignore it. A/B testing has become a small niche in itself. And we did a short survey in the VWO app to understand our industry (and specifically our customers) better. Here are a few key data points/insights that stood out for us: 1. eCommerce industry is using A/B testing most actively. 39% of VWO customers are from the eCommerce industry. (Click to tweet) Most active VWO users according…

Proving Returns from A/B Testing – 6 Ways to Keep Your Boss Happy

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To gain results from testing, you need to believe in it strongly. You cannot look at testing like other channels or tactics and ask, “Okay…so, what’s the return from testing this month?” Testing is a culture, a mindset of optimization. You MUST look at the bigger picture here. Sometimes you might end up running a series of unsuccessful or somewhat successful tests before you hit gold with a winning test. That test will be your jackpot. The one whose revenue boost will more than make up for the lost time and money you invested in testing the past few months. The problem here is, you may believe in testing until the end of time, but proving it as a viable investment source can be extremely difficult. When you have nothing much to show for a while, or when you’re spending on testing before you’ve started to gain from it —…

A/B Testing for Beginners: Creating a Strong Hypothesis that Gets Results

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Knowing how to make an A/B test is not enough. As Peep Laja of ConversionXL rightly points out: Using an a/b testing tool does not make you an optimizer. Using a scalpel does not make you a surgeon. — Peep Laja (@peeplaja) March 10, 2014 Success of your tests depend on how viable your hypotheses are. A strong A/B testing hypothesis is the only way you can maximize your odds of hitting a glorious win. But what exactly is a ‘strong hypothesis’? How does it increase chances of a win? And how do experts derive such hypotheses? These are all the questions I’ll be addressing in this article. But before we dig deeper into this… Let’s cover the basics in brief… So a hypothesis is essentially a change and effect statement that often follows a simple established syntax: Changing (element tested) from _____ to _____ will increase/decrease (a conversion metric)….

How To Do A/B Split Testing on Low Traffic Sites

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What does ‘low traffic’ really mean? How much traffic does it refer to? On a rough basis — if your website gets less than 5-10 conversions per week, you have a low traffic website, says famous conversion expert Bryan Eisenberg in this video. He also adds that you should run a test for a maximum of six weeks and if that doesn’t show you much difference in results, you’re probably not testing something that’s influencing visitors’ behavior. Another conversion expert, Rich Page, mentions that a site getting 1,000 unique visitors per week or less is a low-traffic website. The problem with small traffic sites is that running split tests on them seem futile. Let’s say, you have an existing conversion rate of 5% and the expected percentage increase in conversions is 10%.  If you’re testing 4 variations, here’s how long you will have to wait to get conclusive results (95% confidence level), depending…