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on Conversion Rate Optimization

Posts By Smriti Chawla

This is a follow-up post on the VWO webinar, which was conducted on October 29th, 2014. Since there were many questions that Christian couldn't address during the webinar from our live audience, he took out time to answer each one of them later and we're extremely thankful to him for the effort. You can scroll down to see the Q&A.…

At last, you're here. Maybe A/B testing isn't a priority for you yet. You've probably left it on the backburner for days, or even months. That's okay! Today, you've finally managed to make some time to give this bad boy a spin. Before inspiration takes your leave for another month -- you need a couple of quick, solid test ideas.…

5 years ago when our Founder, Paras Chopra, realized the opportunity gap for an “easy-to-use” A/B testing software in the industry, he didn’t know how big it’s going to be. He tried to solve a pain point and it worked: VWO is today a known name in the industry. Now when we look back at how things have changed over…

To gain results from testing, you need to believe in it strongly. You cannot look at testing like other channels or tactics and ask, ", what's the return from testing this month?" Testing is a culture, a mindset of optimization. You MUST look at the bigger picture here. Sometimes you might end up running a series of unsuccessful or somewhat…

Stock photos are high-quality, yes. But they look staged. They are irritatingly perfect. Studies have shown that they are often ignored by people. They make visitors' browse the site and not experience it. Only real or relevant images engage visitors. And this is exactly what our current case study emphasizes. The Company Harrington Movers is a New Jersey and New…

What does 'low traffic' really mean? How much traffic does it refer to? On a rough basis -- if your website gets less than 5-10 conversions per week, you have a low traffic website, says famous conversion expert Bryan Eisenberg in this video. He also adds that you should run a test for a maximum of six weeks and if that…