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Bunch of small, new features in Visual Website Optimizer

In the last two days, we have released a bunch of small, unrelated new features in Visual Website Optimizer. Here they are:

  • Exclusion of IPs: this was a much-requested feature to be able to exclude certain office IPs from getting tracked during tests. This wasn’t previously possible and hence caused some bias in the test results as users’ own hits and conversions got counted too. But now you can exclude certain IPs from getting counted in the results. Simply enter the list of IPs to exclude in Account Management section.
  • New How-to page: since, feature-wise, VWO has expanded a lot, we thought it will be a great idea to list all common ‘How do I do X’ questions in one page. This is available under Help tab in VWO.
  • www and non-www URLs issue: earlier there used to be a lot of confusion amongst new users who entered their URLs as but their actual site was VWO used to treat both these URLs as different and hence tests did not run properly in such cases. The user had to use a URL pattern (http://* to make it work for both cases. Now, VWO simply treats both URLs as same so tests will run on all URLs without any hassle. (We already do a lot of URL trickery. Read about it here.)
  • VWO code without JQuery: many of our users have JQuery already present on their websites, so we now provide an option to use (much-lighter in size) VWO code that does not contain JQuery. If you too have JQuery in your website, you can use the new code provided in your test reports.

Hope you liked the new features! As always, if you have any feedback, leave a comment here or email us at

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