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How to Enable Tests to Run across Multiple Domains?

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Enabling multiple domains for a test allows you to track goal conversions across multiple domains. For example, you have set up your test on Let us say one of the goals you define for the test is “visits a page,” which is tracked when the user lands on

As the test involves more than one domain, you must select the multiple domains option on the final step in the creation process. Enabling multiple domain options allows VWO to use third-party cookies to track visitors and goal conversions.

ATTENTION You cannot enable multi-domain tracking if you are self-hosting the JavaScript files.

Few things to remember:

  • You need not enable cross-domain tracking for subdomains in your account.
  • Do not enable cross-domain tracking if you have defined ‘click on a link’ goal and the link points to a different domain, or if you have ‘track form submits’ goal and the action URL is of different domain.
  • Cross-domain tracking must be enabled when the control and variation URLs in a Split URL campaign are of different domains.
  • Cross-domain tracking is not supported for Website Research (Analyze and Track).

Please note that Cross Domain tracking uses third party cookies. To see why VWO uses third party cookies, please see our blog post on cross domain tracking. To understand how this might affect you, please see our post, Regarding EU cookie law: understanding its implications

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