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VWO Shines in the G2 Summer 2022 Reports With 20 Badges in Five Categories

5 Min Read

Customers love VWO! 

G2’s Summer 2022 Reports are out, and VWO has been named the Leader across five categories winning 20 badges. 

VWO found its place as the Leader in the A/B Testing, Mobile App Optimization, Personalization, Personalization Engines, and Feature Management categories. This is the first time VWO emerged as a Leader in the Mobile App Optimization and Personalization space.

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VWO also ranked #1 in six Mid-Market reports apart from being named the Leader in the Momentum Grid®. 

With 94% of users rating the product 4 or 5, the world-leading CRO platform stands out as the winner and most loved product in the overall A/B Testing, Mobile App Optimization, and Personalization Engines categories. These results show how much VWO users appreciate and value the product.

Mid-Market reports
Image source: G2

Significance of G2 reports for software products

We live in a reviews economy. Our buying decisions are largely made after studying the experiences of users of a product. Software being a high-involvement, high-value product, the amount of time spent on analyzing user reviews of these products is quite significant. Software product reviews that can be trusted are generally found on websites built on a review model. 

G2 is a globally recognized and trusted software review website. It helps people make informed software decisions based on unbiased and authentic peer reviews. These reviews are answers to questions about what a user likes and dislikes about the product, what benefits they have achieved as a result of using the product, and what business problem it has solved for them.

Leader quadrant

Getting a place in the leader quadrant of the overall category ahead of other products in the category is no mean feat. So what exactly does a leader quadrant mean?

Products in the leader quadrant of G2 Grid® are rated 4 or 5 by users. Reviews with a high customer satisfaction score and large market presence form the basis of these ratings. 

G2’s Market Presence score takes into account 15 metrics from user reviews. 

The Satisfaction rating depends on the quality and recency of reviews. It also includes Net Promoter Score (NPS), popularity, statistical significance, and customer satisfaction.

VWO nailed the G2 Summer 2022 Reports with eight overall category Leader badges plus three badges as a Momentum Leader.

Customers reviewed VWO for its suite of products, their experience with using the product, and the support they received from the team. 

VWO Testing, for example, has been named a Leader based on receiving a high customer satisfaction score and having a large market presence. The six reports in which VWO ranked #1 are:

  • Mid-Market Grid Report for A/B Testing
  • Mid-Market Relationship Index for A/B Testing
  • Mid-Market Usability Index for A/B Testing
  • Mid-Market Implementation Index for A/B Testing
  • Mid-Market Results Index for A/B Testing
  • Mid-Market Results Index for Mobile App Optimization

Download Free: A/B Testing Guide

Why do users love VWO?

Users love VWO for its world-leading A/B testing product, 24×7 support, intuitive visual editor, insights, heat mapping, ease of use, ability to run tests at scale, and more. 

Take a quick look at what users say about VWO on G2:

“VWO offers a very easy-to-use interface and different “modules” that you can add on top of the baseline ‘testing’ capabilities.

Most individuals come to VWO looking for a testing provider which excels, but it also offers other options such as their ‘Insights’ module that includes surveys, session recordings, funnels tracking, etc. All of which you can add on and find within the same dashboard. It can very easily become your one-stop shop for customer insights which is very valuable for experimenters who know the difficulty of obtaining supporting data from many different locations.”Mason F

“VWO is very user-friendly once you learn the basics. We have been able to set up various tests that have driven direct positive impacts to our business, allowing us to collect revenue that would have been left on the table otherwise.”Kevin J

“I like the editing system best. I have been able to create a variety of tests using detailed editing tools. Test setup has also been a very convenient characteristic of the platform.”User in Market Research

Emerging as the top-rated product feels extraordinary, and we owe this feat to our valued customers. 

VWO is grateful to its global user community for reviewing and rating the product as the best. Thank you for coming together and standing up for the product you so love. VWO is committed to growth and innovation by providing world-class products and support to its customers and helping them grow and win every day.

We take our user reviews seriously and pay attention to what our customers are saying. Find out more about what users say about VWO on G2.

What can VWO do for you?

Try VWO to run multiple tests at scale. Known widely for its robust A/B tests, Split URL tests, and Multivariate tests, VWO is helping organizations embrace experimentation and optimize conversion rates. 

Built on the statistically-powered Bayesian model, VWO can help you:

  • Make smart, data-driven decisions about rejecting or implementing changes on your website
  • Build and manage your optimization roadmap
  • Test ideas, discover insights, and improve engagement across the entire customer journey
  • Test your product and feature experiences
  • Understand user behaviour and analyze visitor data to improve your conversion rate
  • Know what your users want

Power your experimentation journey with an industry leader.

If you are new to A/B Testing or would like to try a different product for experimentation or CRO, check out VWO and its suite of products today. We offer an all-inclusive free trial for you to explore VWO’s capabilities in detail. You can also request a demo with our product experts. 

Mareen Cherian
Mareen Cherian I'm a cult branding enthusiast, marketer, and B2B content professional with over 20 years of experience. Author of 'Managing Modern Brands: Cult Theory and Psychology', I've written three more books in diverse genres. I generally write on marketing trends, optimization, brand strategy, consumer psychology, CRO, cult theory, data, personalization, and content strategy. With a strong expertise in building and leading teams and cross-functional collaboration, I have driven demand through content creation, data, digital media, content marketing, and technology.
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