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The Secret to Conversion Rate Optimization: Video Marketing

5 Min Read
Conversions Through Video Marketing

Video has proven itself to be the most memorable and engaging marketing medium around.

Video content continues to outperform other kinds of content. Users overwhelmingly prefer videos to text, audio, and static imagery.

It makes sense that marketers who capitalize on video’s strengths will earn better conversion rates than those that don’t. Eyeview[1] has found that simply including a video on your landing page can boost conversions by over 86%. The conversion goal was for visitors to click the ‘Subscribe’ button.

Brands that don’t take advantage of the benefits of video marketing are missing out. If you are looking for a reliable way to improve your conversion rate optimization metrics, start with the video.

Your video marketing strategy will impact CRO

Marketers often spend more time on traffic acquisition than optimization. For most businesses, getting thousands of new visits to your landing page isn’t valuable unless those visitors turn into customers.

This is where conversion rate optimization comes in. Investing in CRO programs and strategies can increase ROI by as high as 223%[2]. The better your customer insights are, the more data you can leverage towards boosting conversions.

Even among users who don’t watch videos, having access to video content can optimize conversion. Landing pages with videos have higher conversion rates than landing pages that don’t – even among users who don’t click on the actual video itself!

Video can play a central role in achieving CRO success. The key is establishing clear video marketing goals and measuring your success in achieving them.

Five video marketing goals you should keep in mind:

Set specific expectations

Every video marketing campaign should have a single, specific goal. Examples include generating awareness, gathering new leads, or retargeting customers.

Measure video success

You can’t improve what you can’t measure. Capturing viewer data is key to improving video (and CRO) success.

Check (and recheck) for obstacles

Consider the challenges that stand between your organization and its goals. Continuously look for ways to overcome these challenges.

Align video messaging

All of your video content should align with your current business goals. Your messaging must be relevant to those goals, and offer value to your audience.

Set realistic deadlines

Concrete deadlines ensure your video marketing efforts generate predictable outcomes that you can build on over time.

How to leverage video to improve conversions

Data capture and analysis is the key to leveraging video to improve CRO. It won’t work without a video hosting platform that can capture user data and analyze viewer engagement.

This is the major difference that turns video marketing into a conversion boosting asset. Without this capability, there is no way to measure or optimize video content for conversion.

Once you have an engagement analysis in place, you can begin running A/B testing to optimize conversion. The data captured by your video hosting solution is the data you will measure and compare during testing.

Video has already proven itself one of the most valuable formats in the digital marketing sphere. The ability to gather user data and optimize video content for conversion is an obvious value gain. These two features greatly complement one another.

There are hundreds of ways to optimize video to improve conversion. Two of the simplest and most effective ways are optimizing placement and content type.

Optimizing video placement for conversion

Many new video marketers assume that social media is the best place to use video content. While this can definitely achieve results, it’s not always the best CRO strategy for video.

eCommerce businesses can achieve significant gains by including videos on product pages. Subscription-based companies might find that landing page videos generate the most conversions. Even homepage videos can lead to CRO benefits.

Optimizing video content type for conversion

Not all videos are the same. Some are explainers, others are promos. There are also customer testimonials, product tutorials, and company culture videos. Each of these has its own unique use case and audience.

Finding the right type of video content for your web page can be tricky. Your intuition may not be able to tell you what the best type of video for your home page is. You may find out that the video you expected to underperform is actually the best-performing choice.

Top-performing videos lend themselves well to sustained A/B testing. You can run them during webinars, in-person retail events, on social media, and on your own web page at the same time. In each case, the data you gather on viewer engagement builds a more detailed picture of your overall CRO strategy.

Video CRO best practices: linking, calls-to-action, follow-ups

You can’t isolate video from the rest of your content. Every message you send out to users forms part of a whole. The CRO best practices & ideal strategy complements high-performing video with other content and formats.

For example, video can make a major impact on the success of your email marketing campaign. Instead of writing, “sign up now” or “get instant access” in your email newsletter, you can use, “watch the video”.

In fact, we’ve seen this approach result in a 28% jump in newsletter signups. The act of watching a video is far more user-friendly than filling out email fields.

Videos can make powerful calls-to-action because they are easier to consume than any other content medium. Users are generally willing to fill signup forms in order to gain access to video content. Think of the video as a reward.

The videos themselves are also great locations for call-to-action placement. With the right video hosting solution, such as Cincopa, placing a signup form at the end of a video is easy. You can simply overlay the video with an image, or integrate a customized solution for integrated signups.

Marketing automation makes it easy to craft highly personalized follow-up campaigns. Once you integrate a solution for tracking video analytics, you can start segmenting viewers according to their place in your sales funnel.

Showing the right video content to the right users at the right time is a sure-fire way to improve conversion rate optimization. The more data your video hosting provider collects for analysis, the more informed your optimization decisions will be.

Austin Jesse Mitchell
Austin Jesse Mitchell Content writer for Cincopa - A powerful video marketing and hosting solution, Cincopa helps users untap their videos’ true business potential.
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