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Using Google Analytics to get insights from A/B testing

This is a guest post written by Felipe Wesbonk who is a consultant with Traffic Builders, one of the Visual Website Optimizer certified agencies. They extensively use integration of Visual Website Optimizer with Google Analytics and in this article, Felipe talks about how this integration provides them with many additional insights.

Google Analytics provides many more insights into the performance of your website and online marketing campaigns when using plugins of various useful tools, like Visual Website Optimizer (VWO) and BTBuckets. Also by using the Google API it’s possible to make custom dashboards, in which external data can be integrated. During the GAUC (Google Analytics User Convention) in Amsterdam last month, I gave a presentation about these plugins. In this article I explain the integration from VWO in Google Analytics and the way you can use this plugin in making custom reports.

Plugin for Google Analytics

It is very easy to get the most out of Visual Website Optimizer within Google Analytics. Simply select the integration option while creating the test, and you are done. No code to install, no hassles!

Visual Website Optimizer in Google Analytics

With the special Google Analytics plugin of the Visual Website Optimizer you are able to integrate the data from VWO with Google Analytics and the e-commerce module. The plugin puts the data of the various variations on custom variables back into Google Analytics. As default, you will see the VWO data in slot 4 of the custom variable.

Create custom reports

When the data is here, all kinds of customized reports can be created. This way you can add some metrics, which you do not see in the standard reports in Visual Website Optimizer. You are able to make custom reports and the analysis in order to decide if the variations give the conversions which are satisfying in terms of reach and engagement. This will get you one step closer to an integrated optimization strategy.

As you can see in the screenshot above, it is quite easy to make a custom report with the metrics you find useful. In the filter you can use a regular expression to make sure you get the right data from the custom variable slot 4.

Get valuable insights with custom reports

Using custom reports you are able to see which channels drive traffic to the different variations. Choose the most valuable goals as the metrics. In the Dimension Drilldowns you select ‘custom variable (Value 4)’ as first dimension and ‘medium’ as second dimension. Now let’s take a look at the winning variation, which you put into the filter of the report. You can use the custom report to see which channel is still behind in conversions.

The example below shows that the medium ‘referral’ and ‘affiliate’ don’t convert well. Besides, they also have a very high bouncerate (46% and 80%). In this case I would recommend to take a close look to see which sites (sources) from ‘referral’ and ‘affiliate’ give the most traffic. On these sites, you should change the banners and links to make sure it will fit better with the best performing variation in order to achieve a higher CTR and more conversions from those sites.

This is one of the custom reports you could create to get more valuable insights for the best performing variation, in order to make a more informed decision. If you have any suggestions for custom reports which you can make with the data of the VWO tests, please let us know in the comments!

Founder and Chairman of Wingify.

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