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How to schedule tests and campaigns for the future

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The “Test Running Schedule” function allows you to start and pause tests on a certain date and time (currently, only GMT is supported). This functionality is available in the “Other Settings” section.

The details of this feature are as below.

How to schedule tests to run at a predefined future date

Scheduling test to start/pause on a given time

  • Select the action from dropdown, Set date and time.
  • If date and time entered for schedule has passed, then schedule won’t be saved. It will give error
  • If a test is stopped, then it can’t be started by scheduler. Scheduler will only start the test if its not yet started or in a paused state.
  • If account is disabled, then scheduler won’t start any scheduled test.

Set up test to repeat

Repeating tests
Click the “Repeats until…” button to show the “Repeat” settings box and choose when should your test repeat itself, and how many times.


  • When a test is cloned, all the pending schedules and any visitors based schedules are copied to the cloned test.
  • Completed schedules cannot be deleted.
  • The account owner will receive notification mails about any tests which start or pause based on the schedule.

To see how to pause tests after a certain number of visitors have been tracked, see the knowledgebase article titled “How to automatically stop a test after tracking a specific number of visitors“.