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How to create a Conversions Tracking test

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This test is used to understand what your visitors are doing after landing on a certain URL. For example, you set up a test on and set up the goals as below:

  • Goal 1 triggers when a visitor visits
  • Goal 2 triggers when a visitor clicks on the link

At the end of the test, you know what percentage of visitors took an action that triggered a goal on the test page.

To set up a Conversion Test, follow the steps below:

1) On your Dashboard, click on “Conversion Tracking”  under the “Create Test” tab

2) Enter the URL you want to run the test on and click “Create Test”

3) Set up your goals and click “Next”

4) Enter details in “About Test” section

5) “Test Pages and Audience” is where you select how many visitors are tracked and what kind of visitors

6) To pinpoint your visitors, click on “Change” on the right hand side of “Target test to a Segment” and select your conditions

7) “Other Settings” allow you to choose if more than one domain will be involved in the test, if you’d like to integrate with your Google Analytics account and whether or not to enable heatmaps on the test

8) Once done, just hit “Create Your Test” and you’re on your way

Your test results will be visible in the “Reports” tab of your Dashboard.