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What Visitor Data Is Stored on VWO Servers?

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The following visitor information is stored by VWO servers:

  • Unique User Identifier (UUID): VWO stores visitor UUID information in the pseudonymized format.
  • For customers using the post-segmentation option, VWO servers store user agent data, including the device type and browser information. The following data is used for viewing post-segmentation reports of your website visitors:
    • IP Address of the visitor in an anonymized format. You can configure the level of anonymization you want to implement by using the instructions here.
    • Referring URL to know from where the user came to your website.
    • Type of visitor—new or returning.
    • Location information such as country, city, and region. You can select what level of location information you want to store here.
    • Device information used to access the website, including the OS, user agent, mobile/tablet/desktop, and browser.
    • Time of the visitor action or goals data such as clicks, scrolls, revenue, and so on.

VWO servers process additional data types for analyze and research features such as heatmaps, recordings, scrolls, and other behavioral information.

  • Recordings of all actions visitor take on the website to analyze visitor behavior in a video format. Encryption of all DOM mutation and HTML data of recordings. To understand how to anonymize or whitelist recording data, click here.
  • Scroll data to understand the depth of user interaction on your website content.
  • Mouse movements to analyze visitor behavior on a page.
  • Mutations.
  • Device orientation and change behavior for mobile devices.
  • HTML content of the webpage.
  • For surveys, VWO servers store encryption of user-typed data in the form.

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