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Using Google Analytics Account Prefix in VWO

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Google Analytics (GA) account prefix is used when you are trying to push data into multiple GA accounts. If you are tracking a page using more than one GA account, define an account prefix to specify which GA account you want to integrate with VWO. Based on the prefix, VWO pushes data into the respective GA account.

ATTENTION VWO GA prefix is specific to VWO-GA integration, and the prefix value is different from GA tracker ID. Please leave the Account Prefix field blank if you are using just a single GA account or are not sure about which prefix to use.

Example: Consider that you are tracking a page with two or more Google Analytics accounts where, main and rollup are the GA account prefixes defined inside the UA

If you want to push VWO data in Google Analytics account id: UA-XXXXX11-1, then enter ‘main’ in the Account Prefix field and ‘1’ in the Custom Dimension field. If there is no prefix defined, leave the Account Prefix field blank.


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