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Troubleshooting: Track Revenue on Goal Is Not Working

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Problem Statement

I set up a goal to track revenue on my website. However, VWO is not tracking any conversion.

Resolution Steps

  • Ensure that the goal URL is correctly specified. If the goal URL opens on both HTTP and HTTPS, specify a URL pattern (example: http*:// to include traffic from both the protocols.
    ATTENTION If you are using the URL type as URL Starts With or URL contains, remove the trailing slash at the end of the specified URL.
    Say you are tracking the goal as URL Starts With / URL Contains With the slash (/) at the end of the URL, conversions are tracked only for URLs with something after the trailing slash such as, to track the goal on, specify the goal URL as URL Starts With/URL Contains and then type without the slash at the end.
  • Make sure that the VWO smart code snippet, as well as the Revenue Goal code snippet, is added to the page where the goal is being tracked.
  • If the goal you are tracking is on a different domain, enable the Cross Domain tracking option in the test creation process. For cross-domain tracking, VWO uses third-party cookies for tracking visitors and conversions. You can select the option on the Campaign Settings page in the Advanced Options section. multiple
  • Make sure that the currency symbol is not passed along with the revenue value in the Revenue goal code snippet. Also, check that you pass a defined revenue value as a parameter with the _vis_opt_revenue_conversion function in the goal code snippet.

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