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Troubleshooting: Track Form Submits to Goal Is Not Working

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Problem Statement

The Form Submit tracking goal in my test is not recording any conversion.

Resolution Steps

  • Validate Goal URL: Specify the correct link on the goal URL section. A form submission goal picks up the action URL of the form as the goal URL. You can check the source code of the element to find out the action URL for the form. 

    To check the action URL of the form, open the website and right-click on the page and select Inspect Element. Inside the developer tools select Elements tab and search for <form to find the action attribute along with the URL. This action URL should be used as the goal URL.

  • If the goal URL opens on both HTTP and HTTPS, type a URL pattern to include traffic from both protocols. url-star
  • Include the URL of the page where the form exists under the test URLs. In case you don’t want to include the form page under test URLs, simply set up a “Track page visits on” on the form page URL as a dummy goal, along with the form submit goal. The page visits goal helps in loading the test settings on the page and allows the form to be tracked.
  • This goal works only for HTML forms. If your form is AJAX- or JS-based dynamic form, set up a Custom Conversion goal that triggers when someone submits the form. Alternately, you can set up a Track page visits goal on the page where visitors land after form submission.

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