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Troubleshooting: The ‘Click on Elements’ Goal Recording Less Visits than ‘Page Visits’ Goal on Redirection URL

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Problem Statement

I have created a test to track the number of clicks on an element in a page. On clicking the element, visitors are redirected to another webpage. However, the test reports show that conversions for the track click on element goal are less than the conversions for the corresponding track page visit goal.

Resolution Steps

  • The track click on element goal may have been added to the test after it is started. Please ensure that all the test goals are set up and validated before clicking Start.
  • Only mouse-down events are tracked as clicks. If pressing Enter using the keyboard also leads to the next page, then the click on element goal is not recorded.
  • When visitors click the element you are tracking, the browser generates two requests at the back end—one for redirection to the next page and another for recording a conversion. Sometimes, the browser completes the redirection request before the conversion request is complete. In such cases, the browser drops the conversion request for the clicked element while the page visit gets recorded.

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