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VWO lets you seamlessly integrate Tealium’s real-time marketing solution with VWO’s optimization platform to create a unified agile marketing experience for your business.

The end-to-end process of integrating Tealium with VWO involves the following steps:

  1. Adding the VWO tag
  2. Configuring the tag
  3. Adding Tealium Code

Adding the VWO Tag

  1. Sign in to the Tealium dashboard and then select the Tags tab.
  2. Select Add Tag.tealium-vwo1
  3. Search and select Visual Website Optimizer (Async) from the available tags.tealium-vwo2

Configuring the Tag

  1. In the Tags Settings window, go to the Vendor Configuration section and type your VWO account ID.tealium-vwo3
  2. Under Advanced Settings, for Wait Flag, select No.tealium-vwo4
  3. For Synchronous Load, click Yes. The following notification appears:tealium-vwo5
  4. To proceed with the integration, click Continue.
  5. Save/Publish the changes.tealium-vwo6

Adding Tealium Code

  1. To retrieve the Tealium synchronous code, navigate to the Code Center on your Tealium Dashboard.tealium-vwo7
  2. On the Code Center window, select the Prod tab and select Synchronous tab. If you are already using asynchronous code in Tealium, please make sure to change it to synchronous code.tealium-vwo8
  3. Copy the Tealium synchronous code and add to your web pages. Your VWO account is now integrated with Tealium.

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