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Target variations to visitor segment

Monday, March 24, 2014

This article is about targeting a particular variation to a specific visitor segment. Using VWO, you can target the whole campaign to specific visitors, or each variation in the campaign to specific visitor groups.

Targeting variations to a visitor segment helps you customize content offers to a specific group of your website visitors. Using this feature you can setup a campaign in a manner to ensure that only visitors who qualify the segments condition will be able to access the targeted variation.

For example, you may want to create a variation with custom promotional offers for visitors accessing your website from one specific location, or certain hour of the day, and so on.


If you have migrated to Bayesian Statistical model, you can set up variation targeting only for ‘Personalization Campaigns’. The targeting option is not available for VWO A/B test.


If you have set variation level targeting, the traffic percentage you specify will only apply after the segmentation rules. For example, if you have targeted Control © for desktop visitors and Variation (V) for mobile users, your website visitors will access the respective version based on the segmentation rules applied and not based on the traffic percentage set for each variation as you have defined.

Follow these steps to target a variation to a segment:

  1. Click Campaigns and select the campaign for which you want to set up variation targeting.
  2. On the campaign details page, click Settings and select Others option. For personalization campaign, select the Targets under Settings
  3. Navigate to Advanced Options section, and enable Target variations to segments option.
  4. All variations you have created under the campaign displays. Click All against the variation you want to target.

Segment Gallery

Contains default VWO segments that you can use for your variations. You can select a default segment to target your variations, if required. Click here to know more about default visitor segments in VWO.


Allows you to define a custom visitor segment to target the variation. To define a custom segment, you must set conditions that determines whether a user is eligible to participate in the variation. Click here to know more about how to define custom segments for targeting.

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