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VWO stores customer data as long as the customer’s VWO account is active. If an account expires, all the relevant data is deleted in the next 90 days. VWO customers can raise request at to extract or delete any specific user data anytime.

Our Content Delivery Network (CDN) runs on IBM Softlayer; and the servers are spread across 10 locations—Japan, Australia, Singapore, Netherlands, London, Paris, France, Germany, and 3 cities in the US to help us serve dynamic requests for tests. However, all the Test data is stored centrally in Washington DC and Research data is stored in Dallas, United States. We may update our data center geography and server locations based on customer requirements or to meet security compliance requirements. 

Yes, VWO runs Vulnerability Assessment Penetration testing (VAPT) on an annual basis through a third-party service provider.

We will send out email notifications to inform users about any accidental, unauthorized access, or data breach within 48 hours after the breach is detected. VWO data breach constitutes accidental or unlawful destruction, data loss, alteration, disclosure, or unauthorized access to customer personal data.

Please note that customers are responsible for ensuring that their emergency contact information is updated with VWO at all times.

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