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How VWO Sampling Works?

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Sampling refers to a random sample of visitors which represents a larger set of your website visitors. Sampling your website visitors helps derive meaningful insights without being overwhelmed with too much data.

Your VWO plan is bundled with certain visitor quota for research purpose. According to your website traffic, VWO calculates a sample size and distributes your research visitor quota to last through the month. For example, your website has a traffic of 1 million unique visitors per month and you have opted for a research quota of 500,000 as the sampling size. This means you can track 500,000 unique visitors per month on your website for tracking and analyzing goals, funnels, heatmaps, visitor recordings, and form analysis.

ATTENTION Sampling does not apply to Testing (A/B, Split URL, Multivariate, and Personalization tests), Surveys and Website Review.

VWO uses cookies to track visitors who are part of the sample and who are excluded from the sample. Per the research quota included in your plan, VWO randomly includes visitors for Track and Analyze and the quota is dynamically sampled to lasts through the monthly billing cycle.

For visitors who are part of research sampling, VWO tracks all the enabled research features like heatmaps, visitor recordings, form analytics, goals, and funnels. This allows you to get deep insights into your visitor behavior and a better understanding of your website performance.

Understanding Visitor Quota

Visitor quota refers to the number of website visitors you can test on your account. There are two types of visitor quota in VWO—testing quota and research quota. To view your quota usage, select Settings > Accounts > Usage on the VWO dashboard.

Testing Quota

This is the number of visitors you can use for Web Testing (A/B, Split URL, Multivariate, and Personalization tests) and mobile app testing purposes. For example, your total monthly traffic is 10,000 visitors and you run the test just on the Contact Us page, which gets about 1,000 visitors per month. In this scenario, 1,000 is counted as your visitor quota. If you have two tests running on your website, where 1,000 and 5,000 visitors have been tested, your total visitors tested will be 6,000.

If you exhaust your testing visitor quota, you will receive a notification through email and all your running tests are paused. You can buy additional visitors for $50 per 5,000 visitors or upgrade to a higher plan.

Research Quota

Research quota refers to the number of visitors you can use for tracking and analyze. Research quota is used as part of heatmaps, visitor recordings, form analytics, or goal and funnel tracking; therefore, it is treated separately from your testing quota.

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