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How to Use the On-page Surveys Dashboard

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VWO On-page Surveys let you set up pop-up surveys on your website which can be targeted to be shown to a selected traffic segment or on specific URLs. The On-page Surveys (OPS) dashboard is where you manage the surveys on your website.

On the OPS dashboard, you can perform the following actions:

  • Create a new survey
  • Filter and search for surveys
  • Start and pause surveys
  • Archive and delete surveys

To access the OPS dashboard, click Surveys under Analyze on the navigation bar. You will find all your surveys listed here.


On the dashboard, the tiles show which stage of the creation process a survey is in. Once a survey begins, tile displays the number of times the survey is displayed, attempted and completed.

Create a New Survey

To start a new survey, click Create. To learn more on how to create a survey, click here.


Filter and Search for Surveys

On the OPS dashboard, you have several parameters to filter the surveys or search for specific ones.


  • Filters drop-down
    • All: Shows all surveys. This filter is selected by default.
    • Active: Shows active surveys.
    • Archived: Shows archived surveys.
    • Trashed: Shows deleted surveys.
  • Filter By Status
    • Draft
    • Not started
    • Paused
    • Running
  • Filter By Label: Show surveys tagged with a specific label.
  • Search for surveys using Find a Campaign.

Start, Pause, Archive, and Delete Surveys

You can start, pause, archive, and delete the surveys from the dashboard.


  • To start a survey, select from the list and then click Start on the toolbar.
  • To pause a survey, select from the list and then click Pause on the toolbar.
  • Deleting a survey removes it permanently from VWO, while archiving it removes it from the dashboard, but it’s still accessible. To delete a survey, select it from the list and click Delete on the toolbar.
  • To archive a survey, select it from the list and click Archive on the toolbar.

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