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How to secure your visitors data in Recordings

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By default, VWO anonymizes all key presses to avoid storing or transmitting any personal or sensitive data to VWO servers. Under Recordings > Settings > Configuration, the Anonymize all key presses option is checked by default.

You can request to uncheck the option by contacting VWO support. However, VWO will continue to anonymize the following fields to avoid transmitting your personal data through VWO servers:

  • Password fields
  • Three consecutive digits of phone numbers, credit card, social security, and CVV

Anonymize/Whitelist Fields

Despite the default setting for anonymizing keystrokes, you can provide additional security to mask certain non-input fields where personal data could be visible. Examples include Order summary, Checkout page, and others. There are two ways to anonymize such noninput fields:

  1. Add the nls_protected class: The HTML tag with the protected class will mask the content with special characters and prevent it from displaying the information on the specific area. Add the following code to the section you want to anonymize:
    <input type="text" name="cc_number" class="nls_protected" />
  2. Add the selector path: To anonymize an element on using the selector path, select Recordings on the VWO dashboard, click Settings and then select Configuration. In the Configurations section, go to Anonymize/Whitelist Elements and enter the CSS selector path for the element.
ATTENTION By default, all password fields and three consecutive digits of any number will be anonymized. However, password field will always be anonymized, regardless of whitelisting such fields. For numerical inputs like credit card, social security number, or CVV, enabling anonymization will replace the actual input with zeroes.

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