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How to Personalize Landing Pages to Match PPC Ads

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VWO’s Personalization allows you to modify your page and show it to a targeted group of users. You can target different types of segments like mobile traffic, social media traffic, and so on. Even geo-targeting becomes easier with Personalization.

Custom targeting

With Custom Targeting, you can target specific query parameters. Query parameters are appended to a URL after the ‘?’ separator. For instance, when you click a Google Adwords ad, you might notice that it looks something like this:

Here, ‘gclid’ is the query parameter and ‘zai249fx’ is its value. Adwords auto-tag all ads which pass critical information to Google Analytics. Google discourages users from manually adding UTM parameters as this might conflict with the Adwords data, but you can manually add custom parameters for other purposes. You can read more about auto-tagging here.

Query parameters can be added to the landing page link of any ad, and VWO can use that information to display the targeted variation. For instance, VWO sets up an adword campaign focused on two sets of keywords: A/B testing and conversion optimization. The headline on the landing page says “Try out the world’s easiest A/B testing software” which connects well with users coming from the ‘A/B test’ ads but not so much with ‘conversion optimization’ ads.

We can set the click URL of the ‘Conversion Optimization’ ads in Adwords to (Adwords appends a unique gclid automatically to the URL so the final URL when the ad is clicked will show

Using Custom Targeting in a Personalization, we can show the variation of the landing page with the headline ‘Try out the world’s easiest Conversion Optimization software’ to only the users clicking on the ‘Conversion Optimization’ ads, by checking if the ‘vwo’ query parameter is equal to ‘convo’.

Preparing for Personalization

Before personalizing your test pages, you need to prepare a small table that groups ads to match a relevant landing page variation along with the parameter that you will use and the link. For the above example, we could have the following table.

Ads for Landing page variation Parameter Link
A/B test Default
Conversion Optimization Change headline to ‘The world’s easiest Conversion Optimization software’ convo
Personalize landing pages Change headline to ‘Easiest way to personalize your landing page’’ landp



Just as you would create unique ads for a unique set of keywords, similarly, it’s recommended to keep the relationship between landing pages and ads tight. That way, a user feels that he has landed on the page relevant to his search query. It helps if the headline of your landing page further echoes your ad headline.

Create a similar table for your ads. This helps you to plan your changes for each variation as well. Once you have this table ready, you can Personalize the page.

PRO-TIP Once you are comfortable with personalizing landing pages, you can A/B test different content variations for a specific ad to see the impact on your conversions.

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