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VWO is committed to transparency and the choice of users to opt out of getting tracked by VWO. However, please be assured that VWO never tracks your personal data or information. Please check our privacy policy to understand our data policy in detail.

How is it different from IP exclusion?

If you exclude IP addresses from being tracked in the account, the variations shall still be served to the excluded IPs, but the visits from those IP addresses will not be counted in the test. To opt out completely of VWO tracking, please click here to go to VWO opt out page.



  • Enter your website address and click Generate Opt Out Link. For example,
  • If you have opted out of mistake, simply delete the cookies and opt into VWO again
ATTENTION To opt out, you must have at least one VWO test up and running on the URL you enter. The opt-out cookie is generated for the domain only when there is an existing test running on the URL and visitors will be excluded from any test running on that domain.

Opt Out from Website tracking

  • For website visitors: Enter the URL of the website you do not want to be tracked. and click Generate Opt Out Link. Then, click on the generated opt-out link to exclude yourself from any VWO tracking.
  • For website owners: Enter the URL of the website you do not want to be tracked. and click Generate Opt Out Link. Share the generated link with your visitors who want to opt-out from VWO.
  • For mobile app users: Contact your application owner/developer to opt out of VWO.
  • For Mobile app owners:
    • Import VWO header file using #import <VWO/VWO.h>
    • Call the opt-out method to opt-out using [VWO setOptOut:YES];
    • To opt-in again, call the method using [VWO setOptOut:NO];

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