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How to Exclude IP Addresses from VWO Tracking

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Excluding IP addresses allow you to avoid tracking certain IP ranges on website pages where VWO code is running. For example, you may want to exclude yourself or your company from tracking to optimize your reports data. Visitors who access any VWO test, heatmaps, Recordings, Surveys, Goals or Funnels from the IP addresses listed here will not be tracked. If a visitor whose IP is excluded lands on the test URL, then the visit will not be tracked but the variation would be displayed to the user.

  1. Click Settings icon in the upper right hand corner. and click the Campaign Settings tab.settings-campaign
  2. Go to IP Addresses to Exclude section and enter IP addresses in the following format:



You can also use regular expressions to include a range of IP addresses. Click here to learn how to build your IP Regular Expression.

ATTENTION You must have VWO Account Admin rights to add or edit IP Addresses for exclusion. Users with only Publish or Browse access privilege can view the list but cannot add or edit the list.

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