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How to Create Segments for Traffic from Marketing Campaigns

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To create a segment for visitors landing on your website through online marketing campaigns, such as AdWords or Facebook campaigns, you can use the query parameters option in VWO. You can create a segment while creating the test or enable segmenting for an already created test.

Follow these steps to create a segment based on query parameters:

  1. In the segment selector pane, select Customquery
  2. Select Source > Query Parameter and then enter the appropriate value for the parameter. 
    For Example If you want to run a test based on an AdWords campaign, use the query parameter that uniquely identifies your AdWords campaign. Similarly, enter the appropriate parameters and associated values for any other campaign you want to include in the segment.
  3. Add multiple conditions by clicking Add condition. Use the logical AND and OR operators between the different conditions, and use brackets to organize the segment condition.

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