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How to Create Segments Based on Devices Used by Visitors

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Targeting visitors based on the devices they use to access your website can be done by creating custom segments for the different types of devices. You can also use multiple conditions with the AND and‘OR Boolean operators.

For example, you can create a segment for your website visitors using a combination of a mobile device and specific cookies in the visitor’s browser.

To create device-based custom segments, select Custom from the segment selector pane and then select Technology from the list.


Custom Segment for Mobile-Only Visitors

To target mobile device users:

  • Select Technology > Mobile Device and then add the device types you want to include in the segment. device2
  • Add multiple conditions by clicking Add condition. Use the logical AND and OR operators between different conditions, and use brackets to organize the segment condition.
  • Mobile visitors are also classified based on their User Agent strings. Add a new condition, select User Agent, and then enter the corresponding string.

Custom Segment for Tablet-Only Visitors

To create a test that targets visitors who access your website using tablets, repeat the above steps and add conditions, as shown in the following screenshot:


Custom Segment for Desktop-Only Visitors

To create a test that targets visitors who access your website using desktop:


  1. Select Technology > Mobile Device.
  2. Select the Is Not Equal To condition and then add all mobile devices.

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