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Defining a Target Audience for a Goal 

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Defining a target audience allows you to run the goal for a specific visitor segment for whom the goal is most applicable. VWO will track conversions of the visitor segment who are part of the targeted visitor segment.

Consider a website that runs an advertisement targeting visitors from France. To determine the impact of the advertisement, you can create the goal to track the visitors who come to your website through the ad campaign. IN this scenario, tracking the entire website data would be irrelevant because you only need to understand how much traffic comes through the advertisement.

Hence, targeting a specific segment will help you track how many visitors from the target segment actually converted on the goal.


To define the target audience for a goal:

  • Specify the page URL where the goal is running
  • From the Segment Gallery, select a VWO predefined segment to target. To learn how to use the options from the segment gallery, click here.
  • To create you own custom segment, select the Custom segment option and define conditions for the segment. Click here to learn more about defining custom segments.

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